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Tomorrow is the first anniversary...

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of the loss of Snowball. For those of you who didn't get a chance to get to know Snowball through these forums, he was a 17 year old kitty who had suffered from kidney disease for the last 7 years of his life.

For most of those 7 years the vet and I were able to slow down the progression of the disease through special diet and eventually some meds. In spite of being in a very slow decline and slowly growing more frail, Snowball still loved being alive. However, things changed last summer when the decline got faster and Snowball lost a substantial amount of weight and became very thin and frail. At the very end he also developed bladder problems and all the things that gave him quality of life were gone. The vet helped Snowball cross over to the Rainbow Bridge the morning of September 12th 2008.

Sweetie is a lot like Snowball in some ways and the complete opposite in other ways. He has done a lot to fill the emptiness the loss of Snowball created, but he will never fill it completely because Snowball was so special and unique, the way all of our TCS cats are.
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Give Sweetie a skritch from me.
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Many warm thoughts for you during this sad anniversary.

Snowball will forever be with you

Lots of love for Sweetie
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Good grief Lorie, i can't believe it's a year already

Snowball will be forever watching down on you don't worry, and i'm sure he'll be happy with Sweetie coming into your life
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Can´t believe how fast goes the time my friend....
Snowball is in my heart my friend!... I´m so sure he´s waiting for you in heaven for some day!.. Next to my cats my friend!... thank you for this marvellous reminder!...
Snowball RIP!..
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Thinking of you on this sad anniversary
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Has it really been a year already? Snowball was always one of my favorite TCS cats, and I hope he's playing happily in kitty heaven.
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I'll be thinking of you, Laurie.
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I`m sure Snowball is keeping an eye on his mummy and new friend

Thinking of you at this sad time
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Thanks everyone, I have never forgotten about any of my Rainbow Bridge pets, so I know Snowball will always have a special place in my heart.
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For your boy
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