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I finally did it

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I finally handed my notic in for my Service adviser job, and ive never been so happy i feel free.
I gave my self whip lash back in April and have spent months recouping and getting better, pleased to say i spend 80-90% of the week pain free but i still get some niggles and tightness in the area where i really hurt so im going to start yoga to help my back muscles. In a way im glad i had whiplash because it meant that the physio found my pelis was out of line and i was giving myself serious curviture of the spine, so i have learnt to sit properly and lie in bed properly.

I have found my perfect job also the only job i've ever felt truely excited about, I did it when i was 18 and that was being a Barmaid woohoo, what im wanting to do is get back intop the swing of working in a bar then get my managers license so i can run my own pub I'm just to happy for words still lol
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Well done to you ! I know all too well about the pain, my mum has Ankylosing Spondylitis ( I can never spell it right !)
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Im just so pleased im out of there becasue in all honesty i started drinking way to heavily on a night time to calm down after i came home in a state everynight and since being bad i havent drank as much because i never know if im going to need to take painkillers.

so this is one happy gal, i been dying to tell you guys but had to be quiet about it till i was really sure
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Good for you! I hope you get a good barmaid job soon! It really sounds like you're better off out of that job as it was affecting your health.
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Life is way to short not to do the things that make us happy....Congrats on your decision and I wish you tons of luck..
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