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Loves the rain?

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It's been raining for weeks now and while the others stay indoors, Ichi goes out exploring and when he comes back, looks for me, waits till I get his towel and purrs while I rub him dry on my lap. I am not sure whether he loves getting wet or the towel rubs after. He is a silly boy.
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I have a girl who begs to go out when it's raining, she runs a lap of the yard and comes back in - several times then she's happy
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Awwww, Trout is scared of water Well, she likes her paw in it, but thats it!
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Aww cute ! Tabitha doesn't like to be rubbed with a towel, found that out when she fell in the bath with me !! My old cat, Smidgen use to sit out in the pouring rain! I would open the back door for her to come in but no, she would just sit there on the top of the bin in the rain !
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Tailer is the opposite. He got caught outside in a storm by accident once, and now he's terrified of storms. Every time it rains he becomes a scaredy cat. (The up side, though, is he gets super cuddly.)
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It was sprinkling last night and my cat wanted to be outside so bad but she doesn't like the rain. She ran out on the patio and started running from spot to spot trying to find enough cover. She ran under chairs, under a small table, and under ledges, but eventually had to run back inside cause no matter where she went she kept getting wet.
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