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Prayers fo her.
I hope they can help her tomorrow.
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I'm so sorry. Does she seem to be in much discomfort? Many prayers for Miss Kitty Ginger.

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Originally Posted by otto View Post
I'm so sorry. Does she seem to be in much discomfort? Many prayers for Miss Kitty Ginger.


It's really hard to tell. When we gently push on her stomach, she doesn't seem to mind. She seemed a little perkier today. Some days are better than others.
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the news. Did you ask the vet about chylousperitoneum? Our Spot kept getting bigger and bigger. We thought is was from spaying, but it soon became apparant it was much more. CP does not have a good outcome either. You are in our prayers.
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I have some very sad news this afternoon. Our sweet angel Miss Kitty died. My mom and sister took her to the vet at lunch to have fluid taken off of her abdomen. When they arrived the vet said that Kitty looked terrible. She said her stomach was so big and she looked very very sick. She was also very dehydrated despite our efforts to give her fluids every other day. The vet confirmed she definitely had FIP. During the procedure of drawing fluid from Kitty's abdomen, she went limp. She slipped into a coma. We had to put her to sleep. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers during our difficult time. We honestly tried everything to save our sweet angel.
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Oh Rachel I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Miss Kitty Ginger. I am weeping with you. It hurts so much when we have to let them go, but of course you know it was the right thing. Do you have other pets?

Hugs and tears from me.
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I am sorry for the passing of Miss Kitty

I will now lock this thread for you
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