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Survey for Pet Owners

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I am doing some research for my senior honors thesis on what pet owners wish they had known before getting their pets. Help me out by taking a short survey about your first pet!

Thanks so much for your time!
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I took it though i based it off of when i started to take care of the farm cats, i've been around cats my whole life.

Kinda hard to take with multiple cats because no one answer is the same for all of them.
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I just took it, hope it helps
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I filled it in to
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Heh, my first pet was a turtle, not counting the goldfish when i was 5 (i didn't really take care of them at all, mom did). So the survey was a little weird, but I hope it helps!!
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I took it too...Good luck with your project.
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I took it the best I could...I had a hard time knowing what cat to base it on, though, because my "first pet" was when I was 4 so I didn't know most of the stuff about how much she cost to take care of. Also, a lot of the questions were in the present tense; a lot of people's first pets aren't with them any more, so that might change the results.
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I took it and based it on my first cat, which is now my old lady cat!
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There you go.
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filled this out for my horse, I don't think you should really count horses as "pets" although I know some are. It didn't make much sense .
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