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Vibes for my grandpa

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So my grandpa has about at least 8-9 blockages in his arteries, for how long? We do not know. His old heart Dr. never checked for it and he just switched to my parents heart dr. and found out. He is 89 years old and is diabetic and cant walk too well. Today he spent all day doing a test and a ultra sound thing. I am not too sure what is going to happen, i dont think he could handle open heart surgery. They meet the surgeon next friday. Please keep my grandpa in your thoughts, he is my only grandpa. I love him dearly and I do not know what my grandma would do without him .
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so sad my friend......I´m really so sorry..
My inmediately prayers for him!..
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Sending my vibes his way!
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Prayers for him.
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I am sure that your Grandpa loves you dearly too.
Sending love, light and healing to your Grandpa.
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Lots of healing and prayers for him!
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and prayers for Grandpa
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He will be in my prayers. God bless
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Lots of thoughts, vibes and prayers coming your grandpa's way.

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I'm sending many well wishes and good vibes your way for your grandpa and you and your family...
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