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Sick Kitten

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One of the kittens outside is very sick. I wish my sister would hurry and get here because my car is in the shop. I put her in a cat carrier in the bathroom with a hot shower going to clear her little nose.

I was making my lunch and saw these two ladies staring at the ground in the parking lot. I thought the kitten was dead and they walked away and I ran out and it let me pick it up. I've never gotten close enough before. I'm really worried. I really can't afford vet bills, my husband is NOT going to be happy AT all, because I'm going to charge it to a credit card that I finally paid off.

I wish my sister would HURRY!
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Took it to the vet, I need to give it fluids twice a day! Terrifying. I need to give it an injection of an antibiotic once a day. So I need to keep in inside and Jon isnt happy about that. I have no idea what to do. I think it's maybe five weeks old...I got it to eat some soft kitten food. I also bought some baby food to give her.

She's really cute. I have no idea what to do. How often should I feed her? She weighs a pound.

I'm really nervous about giving her fluids.
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Oh..that kitten is cute!

Giving fluids once you do it isnt hard. The first time is the worst but after that it gets much easier. (RN here that had to give my 3 pound cat fluids because his kidneys were shutting down)

And the shot..its a tiny needle that you want to give in a part of the body that has some meat on it. Usually its given in the neck. (I vaccinate my own animals) But if she doesnt have much meat there be careful you dont push the needle thru to the other side. And once again...the first time is the worst cause you dont know what to expect...after that its much easier.

Did they say how old the kitten was? I know you guessed about 5 weeks. Boy/girl? I would take it in a heartbeat if I lived closer.

I had a kitten that was 6 weeks old and I had to actually make a slurry of the kitten food/replacer milk and feed her with dropper. She was quite ill. (now she is fat happy and sassy) may have to do that. She may not eat enough at first to get all the nutrition she needs.

Make sure she is pooping and peeing too. If she gets plugged up that will cause huge problems.

Im sure more experienced people here will have more ideas but that should help you out.

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They actually didn't tell me her age and I forgot to ask. I've given injections before, just never to such a tiny little kitty! I'm so worried about her, I'll take any advice I can get.
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Poor little thing.

Definitely keep him/her somewhere Cammy doesn't have access to - don't want Cammy to get sick.

The fluids/injections usually aren't bad until they start perking up, then even kittens can get fiesty! Feed the kitten as often/as much as s/he will eat, but be careful not to over-feed to the point s/he is vomiting. Some starved/sickly kitties will over-eat, some won't.

If s/he has a stuffy nose, s/he may have a hard time smelling the food. Definitely feed wet food, stinkier ones like Meow Mix might work best (or fishy ones). If you don't want to feed exclusively a fishy food, I've mixed a tiny bit of a Meow Mix cup in with a different canned food, and put the MM I didn't use in the fridge for the next meal.
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If she was a real stray/feral before and she's all stuffed up she may not know that the food in the dish is for eating.

Try putting her in your lap and encouraging her by putting the dish near her face with just a little food in it, smushing some on your finger and putting it in front of her face, even smushing a little on her mouth/nose. When she licks it off she may get the idea. I had to do this with Aya to get her to eat at first. I had to do it a couple times a day for 2-3 days before she got the idea that the dish and food were for eating.
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Another thing I thought of. She will have a hard time keep herself warm. What I had to do with Pudgie is fill an old water bottle with hot tap water then wrap it with a hand towel. That way she could snuggle up to it and stay warm or move away when she was toasty. The vet showed me that trick.

(yeah she's acutally my spoiled Pretty Princess Pudgie..wish I could figure out how to post a pick!)

Hope that helps!
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Hey, does 10 mL twice a day sound right for a one pound kitten? I can't remember what the vet said. I'll just call him tomorrow.
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And I decided to call her Bianca, because I've always loved that name and Jon would never let me name a daughter that, lol.
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Awwww! Bless you for helping... and good luck with little Bianca!
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Aww..that is a cute name! How is she doing today?
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Originally Posted by TJN66 View Post
Aww..that is a cute name! How is she doing today?
MUCH better today. More playful. I officially fell in love with her today, she stretched out on my lap and went to sleep. And I think Jon is falling in love with her as we speak...he's barefoot and she keeps stepping on his foot with her soft little paw. He's pretty much giggling like a little girl. I love my husband loving cats. Totally adorable.
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Well done little Ms Bianca!
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
he's barefoot and she keeps stepping on her foot with her soft little paw. He's pretty much giggling like a little girl. I love my husband loving cats. Totally adorable.
Yeah, they do that when they're that little. You have to be very careful not to punt the kitten across the room!

My Aya used to spend most of her time 'underfoot', or on my foot. She was ony 3-4 weeks old and re-imprinted on me as being her 'mom'. Bianca reminds me of Aya when I found her. Glad she's perking up. Probably just needed some good nutrition and a safe, warm place to call home.
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Awww...sounds like a cutie bug to me! Give her a cuddle and kiss for me =)

I on the other hand am ready to grab the semi stray that has been coming around here all summer.

Here is the link to the story:
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