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My Dilemma - PH II

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Hi Gang... I'm the guy with the mom cat & 3 kittens who are now living out of our garage... anyway, "mom" has become real scarce as of late & is pregnant again I am sure... also she brings her big black boyfriend around now (I think it may be her brother as he is marked & looks identical to her) who is very scared of people & will not let you near him... I am still being nice to the mom because I have an appointment in 2 weeks at a recue to get her (Her bfriend too if I can catch him) & the kittens fixed, but I'm not sure I want to feed her anymore because she is so mean to the kittens now... what's weird is the bfriend is very friendly with the kittens as they are with him... so will she become nicer as they get bigger or will this be the norm... the kittens (5 mos old +/-) seem very nervous whenever she's around... any thoughts would be great!
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I think she will be nicer as they get older. Especielly as her pal the tomcat is their friend.

Do I understand you, they are quite big now? She is probably in the process of letting them go. Entirely normal. So it is why she is extra mean to them now.
An alternative for her would be to go away herself. Buth she gets her food with you...
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Yes... my family is inclined to rather see her go as she is not real friendly & she & her bfriend pretty much only show for food very late at night... I would be fine if she left but I guess I don't really mind if they eat a little on & off... plus I would really like to get the bfriend fixed as he has lived in our 10 acre field for years & is a great mouser & I think he kind of wants to be friends with us... but that just might be me!
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She's just weaning them, all Mama cats get a little short tempered when it's time for the kittens to quit nursing. She may be ready to go into heat for a second litter if you live in a warm climate. Once all are spayed/nuetered and independant they'll probably get along fine again.
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It is surely a good idea to neuter the tomcat. BTW, how is it with the mom? Is she spayed?? If not, try to do it...

Bookworm. Tx, the word I sought is weaning, yes.
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Thanks for the response StefanZ... yes I hope to take the mom & 3 kittens on the 25th of this month... the Tom will have to be later due to lack of cage room in our escape.
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