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Bam is back!

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Bam is home!!

Okay,most of you are not aware that Bam was living outdoors (his choice) for the whole summer.He got out accidentally (squeezed through the window) back in May-early June.I could not catch him or get him back indoors.I fed him outside and he usually hung around the house.I didn't mention this,because I know people here are against cats being outdoors.My neighbourhood is generally safe though and I wasn't worried about it,since I seen him almost daily.Also he won't go up to just anyone!

This last week I didn't see him at all.I wasn't sure where he was or where he was hiding or if something happened to him.He is fixed,so he really had no reason to wander away.But I didn't see him and the funny thing is,just today I was telling mom that soon I would be contacting "NL Pet Finder"...because this was ridiculous.

Me and mom took my daughter down to her first day at school and on the way back I seen a black and white cat run across the street.It looked like Bam and so I called out to him.He stopped and stared at me.He meowed at me,but wouldn't come over.A passerby tried to get him for me,but Bam dislikes everyone and I am the only one that can touch him.He was on my road,so I ran back to my house and got some wet food and lured him over to me.I petted him and talked to him and then I scruffed him.It was the ONLY way I could get him.I picked him up and carried him back to my house,holding his scruff...cause he squirmed (he loves being outside).

Anyway he is back.
I wouldn't mind having him as an outdoor/indoor cat IF he came back on his own...but he seems to want to be out and then not come home! So now he has to stay in...at least now,since it is getting colder.
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I'm so glad to hear you were able to retrieve him! Naughty Bam - you stay home now!
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I am going to take extra precautions this time to make sure he doesn't get out again.I am wondering if maybe he was an outside cat in his previous home!? I really don't know any of his history.
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Of course he is back to his anti-social self! Hiding under the couch!
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