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Any heavy duty chewers out there?

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I took Franklin to PetSmart yesterday and he got two new toys. One of which is a squeaky ball with a rope thru the middle. I didnt think he would chew thru the rope but sure enough he did this morning so I had to take the ball away. If I give him a tennis ball its small enough that it constantly rolls under the couch and he freaks out barking scratching to get it out. So unless we are outside his balls are taken away from him. Is there anything out there I can get that will be a little less easy for him to destroy. Hes a mini doxie so theres limits stuff size wise I can get because of how small he is. But I need something that will last more than one day for him to play with. I got him a loofah dog too but within a week it had holes chewed in it and I had to take all the stuffing out for him to continue playing with it. He got a new soft toy yesterday too a squeaky blue moo cow that right now is his girlfriend since I took his ball away. Anyone got any heavy duty chewers that have toys that last longer than one or two days...I dont want to keep spending 5 bucks a toy just to have to replace it again in a day. Not only are the toys themselves expensive but so is the gas running back and forth from the store.
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I have yet to see a dog destroy those with a rating of 7 or up
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The ONLY thing my dog hasn't been able to chew through was the black super kong. Which is good because I was going to have to try truck tires if it didn't work.
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Kong and Kong brand toys.
I have a super chewer, he's eaten three doors and a cargo van
As for toys, he has yet to destroy any of the Kong brand stuff or his raquet ball.
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i agree with everybody else, the only toy that can withstand a hard chewer is the Kong (black one) My Ecko (pitbull) still manages to destroy these in about a month but hes a heavy duty chewer. If anybody else has found something more durable than a Kong please please let me know. I feel bad for the dog we only give him 1 toy since he just destroys everythin else in less than 2 minutes. Kongs come in all sizes!!
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The Dogzilla toys have held up really well with my two. They love to get hold of stuffed toys the grandkids leave around, those last less than five minutes. The favorite toys? I take old t shirts that are too stained to pass on to the thrift store and tie a knot in each end. They get to destroy it, and it takes a couple evenings to chew throught the knots.
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Kongs are good. For heavy chewers, get the next size up and only the black ones.

My dogs have never been able to destroy their Galileo Nylabones. And they love them, too.
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Kongs are great. My Pitbull gets the black ones and they withstand her chewing. As well, try some braided bully sticks. They are smelly, however, they're great for their teeth, all natural/digestible and dogs looove them. All 4 of my dogs go gaga over them.
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Well out of the two toys the rope ball is gone and done and now his moo cow has been killed..He ripped a hole in it so I had to rip all the stuffing out of it and tie it in a knot so he could keep playing with it! He is mister destructo in the house! LOL..Ill have to get him a kong toy next!!!
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I don't have any dogs, but I have a cat that likes to chew (Levi). Levi has destroyed many kitty kongs (they are not made for real chewers), but pet stages makes toys out of something they call Orka plastic. I'm not sure if they would work for you dog, but he loves them!

As a side note I bought one of these Tuffie Toys for my sisters dog

He is a ShaPe, begal mix & he destroyed it in about 3 days. My sister was impressed because that is the longest he has ever had a stuffed toy with squeekers in it.
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My Lola is the mega chewer in my house. She can get thru a thick rope toy in a day and tennis balls in minutes. She has no interest in Kong toys, but I've found these awesome cow bones that have lasted months.

For outside, she gets sticks and makes mulch of them. Our vet claims she has the cleanest teeth of any dog she's ever vetted.
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