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What's the most unusual name you've given a cat?

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I've had lots of cats and have been known in the past for my funny cat names. Can't name them all, but a few are:
Tater Dude, Crazy, Punkin Darlin', Pretty Kitty, Stinkie, Thumper or Thumpie, Rat (pronounced Rat T), Ug-a-bug, Tripper, Skeeter, Lucky Duck, Fleas, Crackers, and many more.
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The worse one that I can think is "Roadkill" This was given to a cat that I had years ago by the ex.
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Well...Squirt is kind of unusual, as now he weighs about 13 lbs....

Joey doesn't sound all that whacky, except that his name comes from the fact that his hind legs have always looked like a kangaroo's. He was a tiny (1.9 lb) kitten at the time, hence he was named for a baby kangaroo....a joey!
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My daughter named her cat Baby Girl, although she isn't such a baby anymore.
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Tamale. My late husband, Russ said that if I brought home any more cats, he was going to make tamales out of them. I rescued a Long-haired fellow, named "Gizmo" and rechristened him Tamale.
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Weird cat names I've encountered:

FlatHead: his head really was.
Lucky Peanuts: My sisters couldn't decide which name they liked better, so they combined them.

I admit "Pan" is an odd name for a girl kitty. She was named for the Greek god Pan, god of the wild things, before we knew she was a girl. Her tabby "M" markings looked like (and still do look like) a pair of goat horns on her forehead, that was how she got her name.
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One cat named Kitty but the strangest was supercalifragilisticexbeealidotious. Calie for short.
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dunkin (near drowning victim) Kahuna, Bacardi, Orange Crush, Karma, Funny Face, Mr Stubs, Squirrel
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That's my brother's limit to creativity.
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Hey M.A. We once had a funny face

Ummmmm Show Names or Pet Names?


Joshua Cute ( Josh you are cute, like gosh you are cute)

Silver Boy & Silver Girl, Father & Daughter.

& Blondie was a weird name so I changed it to muffin

My Dogs called Fatty & another cat called boy

boy o boy how creative

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I have a 6 year old cat now that I named "Uncle Louie" My boss has two cats, one is named "Hey" and the other cat is named "Girl". She is going to get a third cat, I told her to call it "Yugo" then she would have cats named"Hey Yugo Girl"..LOL! Her cat "Hey" got outside a last week and she could not find him, so she got in the car rolled down the window and drove up and down the street with her head out the window YELLING...Hey...Hey...Hey...Hey...Hey..can you imagine what her neighbors must of been thinking....LOL
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Vader - He's my 1 1/2 year old black boy!
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Hahaha Oh My Rag. Slave!
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My Dad named one of our cats Sodium because she was grey, the same color as the metal, and another one of our cats Crisco, because she was white (this was before butter-flavored Crisco).

We also had a manx named Manxie and two other manxes named Stubby and Bunny.

My parents still have an orange male tabby that my sister and I rescued from the local animal shelter. We were arguing over what to name him when I finally said, "Fine! We'll name him after the shelter!" and she said "Fine! That's his name!" So his full name is:

Jefferson County Animal Shelter

LOL--we call him Jeff or Jefferson most of the time though.
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Well, Sugarly is named after a character in a book . Dr Sugarly Dobbs was the character's name and he was a vet for mythical creatures, unicorns, etc. She would have our most unusual name.
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My cat is named Maximillian for a Roman Emperor. My sister's cat is named Cleopatra and her cat that died was named Alexander the Great (he was 25 lbs)
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My Dad's cat Pumpkin is nicknamed Furry Rat Face Stinky Kitty Butt, and she actually responds to it!
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The Doctor. One of Craig's cats, and it was HUUUUUUUUGE!

Kramer - One of Craig's cats that lives in Oregon with Craig's mother, absolutely BEAUTIFUL cat.

Hale-Bopp - Named my kitty that was born the week the comet came after the comet. That was the most precious cat ever.

Catzilla - Tiny little solid black kitty that I had that was literally Catzilla. My legs still bear scars where she decided to suddenly use me as her personal tree to climb *wince*. Such a beautiful baby.
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My dad named one of our cats growing up Zappa (from the late great musician Frank Zappa..), RazzMaTazz was another cat I had growing up and who looked just like Tybalt (big, furry, black, male) and I think even Tybalt is unusual. The vet mispronounces it everytime we go to the vet..Has no one seen Romeo and Juliet!?!
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Nora, we had a Maximillian too! We called him Maxi. At the same time we had a cat named Teddy Bear too.
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I must admit that I call him Maxi too. Just seems natural. He has quite a few nicknames or pet names that I call him.
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Not really.

My mom is the one gave our old cats' names.

Dusty and Button. They died years ago.. They were great cats.
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Echo is the most odd name for my cats. When I got her (she WAY too young, only 5 weeks old), she would cry and whine constantly. My BF (at the time) and I were trying to brainstorm on names. At that moment, she was whining so loud in another room, it sounded like it was Echoing through out the entire house. So, the name just stuck but absolutely love it! I have not ever heard of another cat named Echo and it's just so cute!
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Dont laugh, but I named one of my male striped cats 'pretty' because he ALWAYS looks like he's smiling or grinning....He had a ear infection when he was younger and the vet died laughing when she realized he was male...'pretty' is a little feminine *blushing* It's too late to change it though since he knows his name and seems to like it.

One of my kittens I named 'Smokey the Bear' (smokey for short) because it is gray and looks like a teddy bear!

I named another 'Roswell' because he has alien shaped eyes.

and another 'Spika' because her fur sticks up everywhere nomatter how much I pet her!
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Cool Thread!
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We had a kitty named Frazzle - named after the monster puppet on Sesame Street from days past.

We also had one named P.C. which stood for Porch Cat because he was a stray who would only live in the porch, and never wanted to venture any farther into the house.

Then there was Scurf- he was an old stray we rescued years ago who had a flea collar on when we found him that was so tight it had 'scurfed' the hair and skin off of his neck. He healed up nicely from it though, and is still living with my neighbor of the time (we have sinced moved).

Oh- and lets not forget my moms kitty Q-Tip. She was a tiny little thing who came from the shelter, all grey except for her legs and feet. She was so small they looked like little white Q-tip cotton swabs sticking out from her little kitty body
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I love the name Q-Tip! Had a friend who once had a cat with this name.

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Popcorn and Vegemite, my Calico and white girls.
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