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OMG!!!! where are these fleas coming from?

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OK, we adopted Mulligan from the city pound about a month ago. We found a flea ( normal on pound pets). I have been reading all the posts on here about the flea problems, and the awesome advice people have been giving. Well I have been following all of it. I have given him baths in dawn, cut up a flea collar in the vacuum bag, and vacuumed the entire house, washed all loose blankets, vacuumed all couches, and even had him treated, AND I am still finding fleas on him ...I finally decided to order dio earth, and am waiting for it to come in, the next step is I am bombing the house...I REALLY hate bugs in the house, and these fleas are making me neurotic Sorry that this is so long, I have never had fleas before. WHY is it that he was treated (advantage) and he still gets fleas? Good God, and WHY can't I get them out of my house......

Thank you in advance for ANY help.....
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My guess is that he had already shed some fleas before he was treated, and the little devils are breeding. In your carpets, upholstry, under the floors, possibly even between the mattress and box spring. They are prolific. I only used Advantage a few times before switching to Revolution, but it was effective. It's possible you got an out of date tube, I suppose.

If you can find a bomb or even spray that interrupts the life cycle of the flea, and be sure to treat him every month for the first few months at least you ought to be able to get rid of them fairly soon.

Some years are better for them than others, I once lived with no pets and still had a flea problem come spring, from squirrels and strays passing through our yard, then us bringing them in on our feet. It was ugly.
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If you go the bomb route I HIGHLY reccommend Raid flea bombs you can get them in packs of three and when I did it because the house was empty I used two per room no matter how big or small (just to be safe) and let the house air out for one day and cleaned it from roof to basement the next day...Its a pain in the butt however not once in the 2 yrs since that happened till I moved out did I once have an issue with fleas again those bombs worked amazing. The other thing I used when I moved out to the country is Home Defense Max bug spray it can be used inside and out of the house and I went inside and out every window and doorway plus the around the whole house and knock on wood so far I havent seen one single flea on anyone in the house. I also use flea carpet sprinkle during the "flea" months which around here starts in August and ends about Octoberish. I think part of the reason we got lucky is because we live surrounded by corn fields which are sprayed with pesticides and whatnot. Its a pain because I cant take the dog outside in our yard for 3 days after they spray but Id rather carry him an extra 20 ft to the different yard then end up with a sick dog or fleas!
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The reason your kitty keeps getting fleas is that the ones living in the carpeting and upholstery are jumping on for a meal. Once they have fed and your cat has been treated with Advantage, the fleas will die but in the meantime there are plenty more in the house that will jump on for a meal as well.

The DE should do the trick of killing the rest of them in the house if you sprinkle it into the carpet and brush it down into the fibres.

I'm not a fan of the bombs - they are poisonous chemicals and you and your animals must clear the house for hours after using - that tells me it isn't healthy.

I much prefer to treat without harsh, dangerous chemicals, but that is just me.
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If you decide to go with the "bombs", please contact your vet and buy through them. They are much safer for your cat. Some members have had problems with over-the-counter flea products.
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