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HELP!!! Pain killers???

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Something's wrong with Jack... his paw is definitely swollen and he's very hurt and puny. But the vet opens in less than 5 hours so we're not taking him to the ER vet instead. DBF wants to give him something for the pain but I didn't think we could just give him people pain killers. I know acetaminophen and aspirin are no-nos... is there anything else we can give him? Naproxen sodium or ibuprofen? Our poor little fur baby....
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Poor Jack! I would not give him any pain meds right now.
He will get some relieve from a warm compress, or
if you can throw a towel or blanket in the dryer for
a a few minutes and apply directly or let him sit on that.
Or, a heating pad, covered with a towel, set on low (*use only under supervision*)

Is it the whole paw that is swollen? Just the pad or any part of the leg?
If you feel like he may have something stuck in the paw, it may help
to soak the paw, but that's hard to get a cat to sit for, so the warm
towel or pad might bring the quickest relief...
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No and NO! There are only a couple that can be used in cats, you won't have them and it shouldn't be done without a vet prescribing them because cats cannot metabolized and clear anti-inflammatory drugs out of their bodies like other animals and humans can.

You can try holding a bit of ice in a baggy wrapped in a towel to his paw, but other than that leave pain treatment to a vet.
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Even pain relievers given by vets carry side effects, and some with great risks. Your best bet is to leave the paw alone - heat may not be the best thing if there is an abscess it could bust open and you have to be really strong to clean up a burst. If he got stung, you can give benedryl but not without a vet's okay again because of side effects. Put him in a quiet, dark room and close it off so he can rest. They can handle more pain then people know and you really need a vet for this cat.
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Thanks guys. I definitely didn't think we should give him anything. My DBF just wanted to soothe the pain but he didn't know about medicines and cats so I told him we shouldn't give him anything. He seems to be doing ok and is still jumping up on the bed and sofa etc. We'll try the warm blanket or towel and we'll get him to the vet in a few hours to see what's going on. He's a big strong kitty! It just breaks our hearts to see him so puny.

Vibes for Jack!!!
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