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New Idol judge announced!!

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It's Ellen Degeneres!!!

I saw her when she was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance and I've got to say, I'm not really sure about this. I like Ellen, but can she take this half-way seriously?
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
It's Ellen Degeneres!!!

I saw her when she was a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance and I've got to say, I'm not really sure about this. I like Ellen, but can she take this half-way seriously?
Maybe that's the point! I do think she can take things seriously, sure! I think she is going to be great!
I think Simon was spot on when he said that Ellen has been a fan of the show for many years and will bring a unique human touch to their judging panel.
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I'm not sure about this either. I like Ellen, but does she have a background in music? At least the rest are either muscians, singers, writers or composers. She's a comedian. Does she have any musical background? I really don't know.

Is Kara still going to be on this season or are they back to 3 judges. I'm going to miss Paula...she was so fun to laugh at!
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Oh I really don't agree with that choice.
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I adore Ellen. I think if the show was a different kind and not a competition she would be awesome! But I think its a disservice to the contestants to not have a professional judging. But I think its a much needed shot in the arm anyway...she'll certainly be entertaining. I am not saying she is stupid, we can all tell someone with talent to different degrees, she is in the entertainment biz. But I just think they should have gotten someone with experiance specifically in the music biz.
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I love Ellen! She isn't there to judge musical ability. She's there to judge public likeability basically. She's a regular person who loves music and knows what she would buy in an album. I do hope she can keep the goofiness to a minimum but I think the show needs a little bit. Can't stand kara but I think she is there for at least one more season.
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I'm still waiting for Ellen to say it was a joke.
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I'm actually excited. We all liked Paula because we would laugh at the funny things she said unintentionally. I think Ellen is more than capable of bringing the lightheartedness to AI. She may not have a strong musical background, but Paula's deep analytical assessments were few and far in between. Since Paula has walked away, I really don't think Ellen is too bad of a choice to replace her.
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To be completely honest, I was happy when it was announced that Paula wouldn't be back. Her "critiques" were insipid at best, completely out there and not understandable at worst. She was OK the first few seasons but recently they should have just skipped over her for most performances. Yeah, I know the contestants like having positive feedback but there's a point and there's a point. Between her and the idiot audience who would boo if anyone said anything besides amazing praise for any of the contestants (no matter how horrid their performance), I stopped watching.

Now they are introducing someone as a judge who has no experience in the recording/music industry. Yes, she's in the entertainment industry but it really is a whole different animal. The only similarity is that it is a cut-throat business. Hearing and seeing someone perform live and translating that to a recording takes more than "I like it". Look at Taylor. Sure he was "entertaining" to his fans watching him perform, but when you take that entertainment factor out he's not anything memorable. That's why his album fell flat.

Besides that, Ellen just drives me nuts. Never have liked her, not even when she was just an up and coming stand up comic. She's just not my style, not my taste.

Not exactly the choice you want to make if you're still trying to make a relevant music star out of the winner. Makes the show definitely seem like more of a talent show (i.e. The Gong Show or Star Search) than a show that ends with a huge recording contract.
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whaat?? Ellen Degeneres has experience with music?? I thought she was just a comedian!
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When I heard about this last night I too was perplexed. Ellen isn't a singer so how much can she offer in the way of a judge. I love this gal tho and will be glad to see her on the show, just wish they would get rid of Kara, they don't need 4 judges and never did. Kara to me is useless. Good luck to you Ellen.
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Personally I think they should have real talent scouts/teachers/professors judging, not celebrities.
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I like Ellen and it obvious that she loves music and knows quite a lot about it, however I don't think she even comes close to being good enough to qualify as a judge for American Idol. I can see this as not working to well..
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Ugghh I don't watch this show anymore but I had to roll my eyes when I heard.
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