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Paws folded

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Why do cats keep their front paws folded when they are in lying down position?

Is there a message in this body language?
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I think they are showing they are REALLY comfortable since it's hard to get up & run with your legs all folded up beneath you.
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I love when my kitty sits like that, so cute!
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I call that the potato position.. you can see why if you look at the picture of Fiona in my signature. She looks just like a baked potato with a tail!

My favorite is when she actually crosses her paws in front of her like a dainty lady when she lays down. Both Fiona and Lolly potato, but only Fiona does the dainty paw-crossing.
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Thanks for the clues, All

And Srrh, Yessa! Tat's the baked-potato position kimi does too
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I thought it was to keep their paws warm??
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I think its to keep their toes warm too...Dont we all suffer from cold toes too...LOL..We get socks and they dont they gotta do something to warm up! LOL
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I'd always heard it was to keep their paw pads warm... Oliver does it a lot.
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I think it makes them look professional, similar to someone folding their hands on their desk...
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Many cats are also sensitive about having their toes touched. I always thought of it as sort of a protective gesture, as well as keeping warm. Our family kitty Midori has two extra toes (thumbs) on each front paw. I notice that she does not often sleep on her feet like other cats. she sleeps with her paws out and crossed like a lady.

Aya, however, who is let us say 'touchy' about any sort of petting at all, likes to keep hers safe and tucked in at all times while napping.
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Whatever it is, it is adorable! I love it when Trout folds her little paws under.
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Originally Posted by srrh View Post
I call that the potato position.. you can see why if you look at the picture of Fiona in my signature. She looks just like a baked potato with a tail!
How funny! I call what Fiona is doing Tucked. I do use the term Potato Position though, but it is different from Tucked. I'll have to see if I can find a pic.

How funny!
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I always called it the meat loaf position!
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Here's a paws folded pic. Kimi always has the out-of-bed look in this position*whisper : can even see her dark eye circles*
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How adorable!! I have a friend with a kitty who looks almost like your Kimi, but he's a bigger boy and and is VERY vocal. So cuuute and cuddly thoug5555555555555555555555bgvvvvvvvvvvvvv

^My cat clearly had something to say .. I'm not sure what but I wish he'd let me at least finish my sentence ..
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My husband calls it "sitting like a cat", Cammy does it a lot and so does the kitten.
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i call it the "pawless" position. then i ask "where are your paws? are you a pawless cat?" or "you're pawless!!" in the first link in my sig, penny's doing it. if you have a fat cat, you can call it the butterball position
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