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scrathcing cat

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I have a cat named Spock who is three years old. When she was a kitten she used to scratch at a metal closet door when I first got in bed, in the middle of the night, and towards the begining of the morning. I solved this by covering the bottom half of the door with saran wrap...no more scratching.
Until now, recently she has realized that she can scratch at the metal doors in the hallway, and chooses to do so only when I'm trying to sleep. Has anyone out there had this problem and is there anything I can do short of covering all my closet doors with saran wrap.
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I would try getting her a natural wood post. It sounds like she like the hard stuff. You can work with her and everytime she starts on the frames, tell her no and move her to the wood post.
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Is she scratching on it to claw, or is she trying to open the doors?
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Thanks for the help so far...it doesn't seem like she's scratching to satisfy her scratching needs, there are several posts around which she uses constantly...As far as I can figure she's doing this just to get attention...she ONLY does it while I'm trying to sleep.
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Everyone is going to get sick of me talking about double-sided tape....but I'll recommend it again anyway because it works so well!

To keep a cat from scratching furniture or anything else, put strips of double-sided tape on the surface of the thing that is being scratched. Cats hate to touch sticky stuff and will avoid the places that have the sticky tape on them. If you don't want to place the tape directly on the surface, you can put the tape on a towel and drape the towel over the spot or put the tape on a piece of cardboard and prop the cardboard over the scratched surfaces.

(Of course, as previously mentioned, the number one thing to do is to get some good scratching posts...but it sounds like that isn't a problem here.)
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I know we will all recommend/ask this but have you considered ever getting your kitty a friend? Two aren't more trouble than one and they entertain each other. I never believed it until I did it and I am so thankful!
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Thanks to everyone who replied, I think I'm going to try the double sided tape...so far it's the only thing I haven't tried.
Steph...I do have a second cat, she too is always trying to sleep when the first starts scratching on the door.
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Well if you think your kitty may be scratching at the door because she wants to see what is behind it, then why not just leave the door open a crack for her to explore?
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You and I think alike Illusion, leaving the door open was the first thing I tried, but she just kept scratching...since then have applied the doublesided sticky tape to some cardboard and fastened it to the door, and have been getting a good night's sleep. I'll prob. leave it up for about a month then see what happens if I take it down.
Thanks everyone
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Phild, I can sympathize with you. The closet doors in my room aren't on tracks, so they hang freely at the bottom. Sateycat will sometimes bang around in there all night, going back and forth into and out of the closet. Drove me nuts at first, but now I am somewhat used to it.

I am happy to hear that the sticky tape solution is working.
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