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Luke likes biology too!

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So here I am studying for biology. And of course a helper hops up within minutes and slowly inches his way on to my notebook, .

Luke being his sexy, innocent self

Saving the world from the evils of camera cords

And finally, right smack tab in the middle of things,

Oh I love my silly orange boy,
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So cute! If only my cat loved biology as much as yours!
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LOL!..... going to learn so much!...
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With the post title I was totally expecting to see Luke 'dissecting' a small critter.

But he's so cute its totally worth it. Aya likes knawing on my Japanese notebooks too. Study cats are nice!
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I would say Luke was telling you to take a break and play with him! What a cutie.
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Awwww cats would sit on a postage stamp if they could as long as it was paper
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I cant even write out a list for something without a cat coming and deciding to stretch out on it, like I wasnt just writing on it
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