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Soft Paws

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Hey I'm thinking about getting my cat some of these Soft Paw nail caps but was wondering something.. Aren't cat claws retractable? So wouldn't gluing these things on their nails prevent them from retracting them? They seem like they'd be pretty uncomfortable because of this.. please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems sort of like it holds their nails out
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No, soft paws don't interfere with retrating claws.

From how I understand it, the claws don't actually retract inside of their paw, they just, no, I don't know how to explain it. Maybe on the order of holding your hand normally so your fingers are curled in a bit, and then stretching your fingers out straight?

In any case, the soft paws do not interfere with claw retraction. They're a super product, I've talked way too much on here about how great they are!
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When I apply them, if I get a little too much glue inside it will leach out and can prevent the claw from fully extending. However, as I noted this problem a long time ago, I always have a tissue or paper towel handy to immediately swab off any excess glue I see right away. I also hold Angus for at least 10-20 minutes after (as he will try to bit them off and until the glue sets, they are easier to remove). At the end of the holding time I will extend each claw to check it for range of motion. Any that have slightly stuck, usually just to some fur, I will gently pull them loose. Angus doesn't seem too disturbed by this. I don't know but I imagine it's similar to having that little bit of excess of acrylic that used to get stuck to the bottom of my nails when I used to have artificial nails done.
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I use softclaws on one of my girls and have never had any problems with nail retraction. I do use regular loctite gel superglue instead of the glue that comes with the softclaws. I found that the glue that comes with the softclaws is usually dried out and useless so I had to start using superglue. The superglue does a much better job of adhering the nailcover to the claw and I only need to hold the cat for about 30 seconds before they are dry enough.
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While yes, a cats claws do retract, they do not retract fully into the paw. I've used Soft Paws many many times for years, and never had any issues with the cat not being able to retract their claws.
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I have had the same experiences as those listed above. As long as excess glue doesn't get on the skin & hair there is no problem. Each cat is differnt & there fore not all are as accepting of the caps. In my house the white & tabby coallition (that would be Maggie & Jordan) does not like them & they spend much time trying to take them off. The grey book ends (Levi & Isaac) are much more accepting of them. As a matter of fact they have had the same caps on for over 6 weeks now and have each just begun to lose them.
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So glad to hear good things about Soft Paws. I went out and bought them this weekend, but haven't worked up the nerve to try to apply them yet!

Maybe I'll go home, have a stiff drink, and give it a go!

My three month old kitten is tearing me up (and the furniture) just while playing. He isn't doing it intentionally at all.

After watching declawing videos on YouTube, there's no way I'd ever consider putting him through that torture. It's just awful. Everyone considering declawing should have to watch the video. Better yet, it should be illegal. Poor babies.

I have two rescues who were already declawed when I got them. I feel terrible for them. They are such nervous little things, and one won't let anyone near her but me. Now I know why.
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It may take kitty a while to adjust, but I think the younger they are when you start the easier they adjust.
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