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I just found a kitten!

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Hello everyone:

I've cared for lots of cats and kittens so i know this kitten must be about two weeks old. I heard cries near my house and I saw a small gray and white kitten under my neighbor's old car, he is still opening his eyes and he is dirty and he is crying a lot, it broke my heart! I've seen his Mom, a stray black cat that roams around. I know he still need his Mom so I didn't want to take him from her, I prepared a box and I decided to put it under the car just in case she is moving them from another place.I won't leave him there, I just want to be able to take them all and rescue them, including the Mom, I know it won't be easy, she is a feral, but I have to do something.

Right now, its been an hour and she hasn't come back, I'm very worried about the baby and I think if she doesn't come I should take him inside, what do you all think? I know he needs his mommy and I'm sure she had more kittens.

I will wait some more and if the mom doesn't come back I will go get kitten formula, the lil guy must be hungry

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Poor little guy, he must be missing his mommy! It looks like you have a foster baby. Even if mom does came back, it may be a good idea to take this little one in for socializing, and possible bait to catch the mother. I am sure someone with much more knowledge in such matters will be along soon with all the info you need. Bless you for caring about this poor little lost baby, and please keep us posted on is progress.
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