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Stray cat/kittens help please

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There has been a cat living under my deck for a while now. Was never aware it had kittens because we could never hear them. Yesterday my dog got into a quick scuffle with the assumed mother of said kittens. I scared the cat out from under the deck by spraying the hose under it real fast (again unaware of kittens). It ran away and I tried to spray it again so it wouldn't come back. Anyways, now I hear kittens crying under the deck and I also found one in the bushes on the side of my house. Would this scare the mother away for good? I don't know what to do with these kittens. The one that I found was about the size of my hand or a little bigger. Any help would be appreciated.
post #2 of 7 This should give you loads of info regarding size, age, care and feeding of kittens.

The water hose was pretty severe for any animal. Not sure if she will come back or not.

How wonderful you are to try to help the moma cat get back to the kittens.

BEST thing to do for now is to keep the dog contained and away from this area. Put food and water out in hopes of attracting the momma cat back. Move the water hose so she will not have to pass it to get to the kittens. I would not go on the deck but try to keep an eye out for her through a window.

The kitten that you have needs to be fed a kitten replacement milk. Many Walmart stores will carry the Just Born brand (best I used) or Hartz brand. You will have to feed in a kitten bottle as shown in the site above.

IMPORTANT if momma cat does not return soon, go under the deck and get the kittens so you can feed them.

Hoping all turns out well. There are many people here that can offer suggestions that might help. That's all I can think of at the moment. Keep updating so others can offer help, too. Wishing you the best luck in getting momma back to kittens.
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No worries. I was able to get the crying kitten out from under the deck by setting some tuna out. He saw me and came running to me crying. I grabbed both of them and put them in a box. Fed them some milk with a dropper from petco which is formulated for them. They are doing great and catching some Z's right now. I will be taking them to a no kill shelter tomorrow sometime.

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So cute Do you think there was just the 2 of them? Is the mom friendly with you?
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Oh my..they are adorable!

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Oh my heart !! I am not good at guessing kitten age -but I would say from these pics ... what.... 4 weeks? Anyone want to venture a guess???

It would be great if you could catch mom and get her fixed. I wonder if that no-kill shelter can help you with that.
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When I caught Sasha under my deck in November of '06 all I knew about cat's was that this little guy was adorable. Your kittens look exactly like Sasha when he came to our house from who knows where.

Photo is of Sasha two weeks after he arrived.
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