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I've done it now---New Kitten!

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Some time ago I had said that if I ever got anything except a rescue cat I wanted an abyssinian, specifically a ruddy female. The idea was that I would do some research on breeders and a year or two down the line think about getting a cat. Well, you've heard about the best laid plans.

I took my cats to a show last weekend (HHP category). On Sunday I happened to be benched next to two aby breeders who live about 75 miles from me. One of them had two ruddy male kittens, 5 months old. She was showing one and had the other for sale as a pet. Of course they were absolutely adorable. I spent quite a bit of time talking to her and playing with the kittens. Naturally, I decided that a male kitten would be every bit as good as a female.

So----yesterday I drove up to see the cattery, telling myself I was just checking things out and would go back home and think about it for a while. Yep. That's exactly what happened. I drove home with a new kitten.

His breeder named him Merlin, and I think I'll probably keep that name. Although I may end up calling him Monkey. He's into everything. He's had no trouble making himself at home. My other cats have hissed at him and growled a few times, but nothing major. I'm hoping it won't take long for them to accept him.

I posted some pictures here.
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Congrats on the new kitten.
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Congrats on the new kitty! Abyssinians are such wonderful little cats!!! I know what you mean about going to see the breeders cattery. Thats how I wound up bringing our bengal kitten home. It was just supposed to be a visit and we would think about it!!! I have 2 abyssinians that are such sweet cats. I don't think they know how to growl or hiss. They are so lovable and mischievious.
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Congrats, he's gorgeous!
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Merlin is absolutely beautiful! I'm not a breeder, so I was wondering is he the show quality kitten or the pet quality kitten?
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Originally Posted by Lorie D. View Post
Merlin is absolutely beautiful! I'm not a breeder, so I was wondering is he the show quality kitten or the pet quality kitten?
He's pet quality. The breeder says she has no objection if I want to show him, but he probably won't make any finals because he's not quite dark enough and there is a lot of competition out there.
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Alas, just "checking things out" when it comes to kittens usually ends this way. But, of course, that's a good thing ! Congratulations!
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Just a quick update. Merlin has been home for five days now and is settling in well. Of course, he's thought from the beginning that everybody is his best friend.

Cali is the only one still hissing at him some. She's not really that far behind the others, she just hid for two days before she came out to meet Merlin. The other cats haven't really made friends with him, they seem to be more curious than anything, but they aren't chasing him off when he wants to play.

I do still have to put him in his cage when I serve their wet meal so he won't gobble down his food and then go after everybody else's.

I don't think it's going to be much longer before he's completely accepted into the family.
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