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Wellness Indoor food and hairballs

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I am feeding my two cats Wellness Indoor formula dry (in the yellow bag). I switched them to it about 3 months ago after Merrick Before Dry started coming all crumby and broken.

Lately I've noticed either one or both of the cats throwing up. (it's mostly the long haired one). It appears to be mostly hairballs. The Wellness Indoor formula is apparently hairball control, so is this why they are expelling the hairballs? Is that what "hairball control" means?

My other concern is that I started treating with Advantage flea drop after we somehow got fleas in the house. I had never treated before because they are indoor-only. But the last 2 months I've had to give them the drops and I'm hoping that it's not making them sick.

So I guess my questions are - how can you tell if it's hairballs, and does a hairball control formula automatically mean they will throw the hairballs up?

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Hi, I understand that hairball formulas mostly are meant to push the hairball through the digestive system. I tried the yellow bag Wellness Indoor added in tiny amounts to my cats regular food and they all turned their nose up and would not touch their food. I had success using Chicken Soup Hairball or Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Indoor. I only add about one third of a hairball food to their regular food. Usually I do this only during a shedding season and not all the time.

The Advantage you are using, it is one from the vet that you apply once a month? I use Revolution during flea season and have not had any negative results. Also, are you applying the Advantage high enough on the neck behind the head that they can't lick it off?

Sorry, that's all I can think of. Hope all is better soon.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Yes,the Advantage is the monthly application from the Vet, and I'm pretty sure I put it high enough up. I haven't seen them licking it off, and I try to keep them separated for 12 hours or so, so that one doesn't lick it off the other one.

As for the food, they like it; but if it's doing more harm than good, I'd rather try something else. I'm not even sure if I should specifically feed them a hairball formula, or if I just need to brush them more than I do.
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Has the vet checked them out??

I would suggest a tad of butter
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They are due for their annual check up in a month or so, but if it gets worse before their appointment, I'll bring them in sooner. My vet likes to push the Science Diets. Never thought of butter. Thanks for the suggestion.
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