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Oh boy need some good thoughts

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Ok so I got my car finally and its automatic so Im thinking hey I gotta run to Petsmart and why not take Franklin with..It will be his first trip ever to Petsmart and honestly Im nervous. He has a tendancy to pee when he meets new people and see other dogs. He is super friendly and not aggressive at all but still I want some vibes to make it thru this trip to the store all in one piece!!! LOL..I hope Im not biting off more than I can chew but this is something Id love to do so I can get Franklin more intergrated with people and sights and sounds!!!!! Ohh boy!!!! Im nervous..gotta go get ready now before I lose my nerve!!!!!!!
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Ok got back from Petsmart..A few more toys came home with us Franklin is completely in love with his new squeaky ball and hasnt left it alone since we got home!!! He did really good made some new friends and got lotsa lovins and pettings at the store! Im glad I took him with because he did awesome and I literally had nothing to worry about..Well except when the cart went past the guinea pigs and he started barking...But what can you do not everything is perfect..LOL
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glad the trip went ok
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I've never taken my dogs to petsmart before... hold on, I'm having a day-dream-night-mare about what that would be like...

At least Franklin is small enough you can just pick him up when we gets over-stimulated
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He actually rode in the cart very well because he isnt leash trained I tried to put one on him and he FREAKED OUT! lol....that didnt work so well so he just rode along in the cart like a good boy and let people pet him and didnt even have a spaz moment at other animals in the store I was afraid to go near the kittens tho because I know how much he loves his kitties they are like his own personal play pals. I was actually surprised that the worst part of the whole trip was when I went past a school and it was recess time and he started growling and barking at all the little kids and flipping out. He isnt really a kid type dog he does well with mine but they also know what to expect and that if they play rough with him he will play rough back. The same is with cats they dont cry about getting scratched because they know if they play rough a cat will scratch back playing rough...But stranger kids to Franklin are like instigating the rottie in him to come out growling and barking...Needless to say Ill never be taking him to parks or anything like that especially Knobels where kids run rampant. The whole trip was a good learning experiance for both of us. I know I can trust him to go to the store and be good but cant take him where I know little kids will be running around.
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If you're planning on having kids anytime in Franklin's lifetime, or friends with kids, or family with kids; you may want to try to desensitize him now . It's a good challenge!

I know Madison (our borderX) was TERRIFIED of small people when she was a puppy, she just couldn't understand why they were so much closer to her size! Little kids would come to pet her and she's pee everywhere!! Silly dog . It took allot of exposure but now kids don't phase her at all! (Including our toddler who is one of her bestest buddies!)
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There are NO 2 legged children in my forcast EVER! I dont want kids I do better with the four legged kids!
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