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boy this year isn't that great

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I thought things were turning around for me when I managed to buy myself a laptop and a new camera a digital slr ....well...last week 2 things happened to me that was pretty bad...

first off my friend of the past several years..i'd say at least 8 met her in person because she lived in ohio....passed away..and she was 6 months younger then me..she had a blood clot between her lungs and heart......and just symptoms..just game over.. I cried...I found out the day I stayed home sick...that was last tuesday...

wednesday I went to work even though I was sad and wasn't really feeling that great..well..I left the camera at home because I wasn't in the mood for taking photos..and my house got broken into... the laptop ..all the cameras 19" monitor, the wireless router.some of my jewelery , and well several other things are gone...not even sure on what all was taken just yet..

and no..I didn't have insurance..couldn't afford it..

the neighbor behind me said she saw it happen...and just kept telling herself I know they don't have was a teenage male that went in through the window..too bad she didnt' call the cops..and of course if the neighbor directly next door to me had been awake..i'd still have my stuff.
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Oh my gosh..Im so sorry for you..I know it sucks really bad right now but just remember once you go down so far the only place left to go is up! Much love and good vibes passed on to you!
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Ohmygosh Cheryl..... I am sooooooo sorry. I wish I had words of wisdom but I don't..... Life is definately not fair and I'm sorry you have had to deal with this
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thanks everyone. I posted this on one of my other sites..and someone suggested giving me donations so I actually set up a donation button my blog...
and so far..I've had one donation.
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