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How much food?

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My son has two house cats roughly 8 or 9 years old. They are rather sedentary and are of very good weight. Right now he is feeding 9 Lives wet 5.5 oz cans. How many of these cans should each cat get per day? Info on can suggests 2 cans per day per cat. Seems like alot seeing they are not too active. He is feeding 1 can per day. They are not begging for food between meals. Any suggestions? I know there is probably better food out there, but we are following the suggestions on the site yourdiabeticcat.com. As two of my cats had diabetes and his cats were getting very plump at my urging, he switched to 9 lives from Purina dry. We only feed certain flavors of 9 lives. Those with no grain fillers. As I said, this choice is off the list provided at that site. I feed my diabetic the same 9 lives and he is doing very well with insulin twice a day. Very active and healthy. Thanks for any input.
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If their weight is stable, and they are not appearing to be hungry, then it sounds like what they are eating is fine.

If they are losing weight then I'd be concerned about them not getting their nutritional requirements to sustain them.
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Bijou is 20+ pounds and he only gets 1/2 a can (5.5 oz) per day plus about 1/4 cup dry. I would say your brother's cats are fine with sharing one can per day.

As for choice of food, I would recommend you PM Sharky (our food guru) to get some suggestions for his cats. She is very knowledgeable about food and specifically food for special needs kitties as she has a couple of her own and has a few years of experience under her belt.
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