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Kittens Chewing on Finger - food yet?

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Well, Suma's kittens are three and 1/2 weeks and are starting to walk pretty good and even play. It is so cute

Anyway.. they are now chewing a little on my fingers -- should I start introducing any food soon? or give it till next week when they are hitting 4 weeks or a little older? Mom is still feeding, but man are they tugging on her, poor thing.

I moved them into a kiddie pool and cut an area out for Suma to get in. She has been in and out and feeding and laying in there. I didn't think she liked it at first. I put the kitten birthing box (one they stay in) into the big 8 foot area with towels down. She at first picked up a kitten and took it out and dropped it on the floor and I put it back in. She keeps going to the one area where the box was, which is only like 5 feet away. I hope she keeps them in there as they have an 8 foot diameter to run around and she can stretch out. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Keep your fingers crossed
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I am the foster Mom to a mother and 5 kits the same age as yours are (I am having to guess at age since Mom cat and kits were abandoned..) I will be interested to hear replies to your post since I am wondering same thing.

Wanted to know more details on the pool you are using now - it is 8 ft round? And how deep? I am planning on the kits pooping by themselves as early as this weekend and was going to just cover the floor of the bedroom they are in with plastic drop cloth and then old sheets (they are in a large box now). I am not sure what to expect really as this is my first fostering experience (though I have my own grown cats).

Good luck to us both!
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Hi! I am first time foster mom too! With two grown cats, I always got kittens at 8 weeks old or older. This is all new to me too. This forum is so great with ideas and info, we should be able to breeze through this.

Anyway, I went to our local walmart and got a kiddies pool that was 18 inches high and 8 feet in diameter. We have them in our garage due to the other cats. Mom didn't seem real happy at first that we took them from a corner in the garage to right into the middle, but took the birthing box and where they have stayed in right into the pool. But it seems like she has adjusted and goes in and feeds and sleeps now with them.

I got small foil cake pans and will put some litter in them by this weekend (4 weeks old), This way I can just throw them away and when they are a little bigger, I can put a small regular litter pan in. They said use regular litter not clumping either at first because they go through a tasting stage and will taste the litter.

You can see (hopefully on the pic) where we cut a place for Suma to go into the pool to feed. I used a 12 pack soda box for her to step in, but I've seen her clear it with no problem to jump in and out.

Here is a picture of what we done. Good luck!!!

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OMG!! that set up is just adorable! I would not have that much room tho. I will just use the floor with coverings I think. They look the same age as mine. Are there five kits there? Mother is very pretty too. I like the idea of foil pans, will get some.

I got a $20 food scale at Walmart (weighs up to 10 lbs). It has a flat glass top, so I put a lightweight basket on top of the glass and use the basket to weigh them every other day and log it in, to make sure all is well. If they are sick they are likely to lose weight versus gain. If not for weighing you may not know till too late.

I was brave enough to try to cut nails tonight! Just two on each paw to get them used to it (and their nails are sticking like crazy to the towel in the box). None liked it and Mom got nervous with all the crying, but it is a start.

Can't quite figure out how to attach a pic of my brood - but will have to learn I guess.
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Actually, she had 6. We have two grey, two that are black with her gold markings, one tabby stripes and one all black.

I have never weighed mine, all are growing and look very healthy. I know I do have one runt though, a tad smaller, but runs and plays like the rest.

Do you know how to use photo bucket? That is how I insert pictures. I'm not sure myself how to use it, but my husband does and then he sends me the link and I do an insert with the button that looks like a yellow envelope when you do a new thread or reply. I hope this helps.

My girls are 22 going on 23 and I feel like a mom myself again or maybe grandma - ha ha.
I don't know if I am crazy or just want grandchildren - ha ha Those will come later I guess, so these will do for now. I am already thinking of when they get adopted out and how sad I feel already. Momma cat is going to a lady that lives behind me - so the one time stray will now be a house cat. I am taking her to be neutered when her milk drys. I will take her for her since she is in a wheelchair and just fell in love with her. I think all kittens will be adopted. I have had so many say they want, and I know 4 for sure right now.

Can't wait to see your pics!!!

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