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They are doing great and not hiding at all, but coming out to meet us and climb all over us. Cuties they are! Blinkin threw up last night, but only one time, so I am just watching her, it was probably the antibiotic she is on that caused it.
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OMG they are precious! I want them!
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they are absolutely beautiful!

People really make me sick and cry with frustration.

It was obviously meant to be, you came just at the right tims and now the little darlings have a chance at life. It's hearing stories like these that make me really proud to be part of a site that brings groups of people like yourself together.

I really pray that all the lovelies get healthy and happy, and now they've got you they've actually got a chance for that, sounds to me like if you hadn't come along they wouldn't have stood a chance.

I'm sure you're really going to enjoy them, soooooo cute!
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The kids who had these babies must of thought I was nuts. When I came out of the store and saw them, i went over and kneeled down to examine them. A little girl was feeding one of the kittens a hot dog! I had a case of cat food in the lower part of my cart, so I tore into it and popped the can and using my fingers, scooped some up and fed the starving babies. LOL I had cat food oil on my pants, and my fingers were slimy with food! I am sure these kids thought I had totally gone around the bend. I can hear them now telling their friends what a crazy woman they met the day they took their kittens to town!
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Pffft!! You go MA! The world needs more people like you.

Did those kids object to you taking the kittens? What about the mother cat? Poor things I do hope the mother cat isn't in too much pain.
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What an angel you are MA! Their heads looked very wedged, like they've got some oriental breed in them. I know you mentioned Vans? They are absolutely beautiful.
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"van" pertains to the markings, all white with some color on the head and tail area. these babies are so very cute! Great Job MA. I may be picking up my first rescue today. Cross your fingers!
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This is so very sad! And yet, these babies were so lucky that you and your dh were there that day. I am so glad they are getting better, have you got any news about their mum?
And OMG - they are SO cute!!!
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I imagine the mom is deceased now. God, at least I hope so. I would hate to think they kept her alive to suffer.
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Awww, that is so sad Was she to ill to be saved? Did the kids let you take the babies without any problem?
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It wasn' that the mom was that ill, it was that they refused to take her to the vet. The kids couldn't have stopped me from taking the kittens. I was a woman hell-bent on a mission!
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So, she could have gotten better??? ((((hope wibes)))
Thank God for active cat lovers like you!
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Like I said before, it's to bad they didn't let you take the momma with you also...
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Was that ever an option, did you ask for that? That kind of people shouldn´t not only not breed, they should not be allowed to be catowners!
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Thank God for you MA.
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Originally posted by Cassandra_Starr
Oh my, it is absolutely amazing how quicly an animal can bring a smile to your face, or even pictures. Seeing these guys just puts the biggest grin on my face.
I agree, whenever I see such cute pictures, I lose all speech and make a bunch of nonsense syllables at the screen. I can't help it. They really are precious, and MA, you are an amazing woman. Thank goodness for people like you who fight for animals.
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This morning I was at the computer and Taz was laying on my lap. Overhead, I could hear the kittens starting to play. They are on toy overload at the moment, and I moved a cat condo upstairs for them earlier. A really nice condo that is so lightweight you can move it fully assembled with one hand! It has an exercise pad on it, and I thought they might enjoy it. But at any rate, I was just listening and the kittens started scampering across the floor, then you didn't hear anything because they were on the unit, then back on the floor then silence.

Taz was fully awake and her nose was twitching, she jumped off my lap and I watched her as she tracked the noise, her head swiveling back and forth like she was watching a tennis match! LOL With three kittens she was having a hard time keeping track of movement. Then she started stalking the noise, and would race to one side of the living room her head riveted to the ceiling, and then back to the other side. It was so funny- almost like she was attached to them in magnetic way. Finally, she got tired of running and came over to me, put her paw on me and meowed as if to say- "Mom call the exterminator, you have a mouse problem!" My crew has not seen the kittens yet. They are upstairs and we have two chicken-wire doors, one at the foot of the stairs and one at the head. Both doors are closed right now to cut off contact. The kittens have two full rooms to romp and play in and they are doing well. Nodd (the male) is the shyest of the bunch. Blinkin, a female is the boldest and the bully. Clearly right now, she is the leader of these three.
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hats off to you!!! we need more people like you in this world today, but i hate to say it their just isnt enough, it doesnt surprise me by the way the people acted, some people just dont have enough heart to care about anything. i send my blessings to you and your family and those little darlings, hope they get all better.. what did the vet say was wrong with them?? this would be you
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These kittens are gorgeous! I have said this many times BUT you are truly amazing Mary-Ann(e?) !! Well Done!

Congrats !! Sam
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