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what upsets me also is that they are teaching there kinds that it is okay to treat animals that way
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I know and I talked to our Sandie last night about the mom. She said that with antibiotics the wounds would heal up eventually and mom would be fine. But, sadly that is not to be. Mom has to have been a calico too.
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They sound like fighters and I am sure with you caring for them they will be fine! You are a wonderful woman Hissy, if I could I would move down closer to you so I could help!
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I think I am in love!
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I think I'm in love too, MA! What precious little angels!
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what sweeties!
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they are adorable! who could resist such sweet little faces!
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Not me, or Mike either for that matter! I just went upstairs and they were all crashed on his chest. He is up on the computer. He looked at me and sighed and said "You realize we HAVE to keep them now!" LOL
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lol way to go Mike!
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I am definitely in ! MA you are such an for taking them in and caring so well for them!
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How cute! I noticed that the two with orange on their heads are mirror images-one has orange on the left, the other has it on the right!
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What sweet babies! :
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Christy we noticed that too! That is the only way we can tell them apart as they are both girls. The male is Nodd- the one with more beige/peach on her is Blinkin and the other is Winkin. They are like symmetry in motion- they had to have matching names!
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Ooooooooohhhhh! They look like they need me to come over and kiss their little heads!
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ohhhhhhhh they are WAYYYYYYYY to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do look just under a month old. Poor little babies!!!
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Yeah, it's too bad you aren't closer, I would certainly like them to still be with mom!
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MA, they are adorable! And I love the names you picked for them.

Kisses to them!
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Awww MA please please post more pictures. They are TOOO adorable. Definitely stole my heart. Their names are sooo cute too. You always come up with the best names.
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Here's Winkin
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Just when you thought Taz and Squirrel were starting to grow up! There will always be kitten crazies at your house MA!

Thanks for more pics....they are just too adorable!! Are they getting better, health wise?
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Yep they are- they are getting an iron supplement- the fleas did a real number on them, they are getting amoxy drops and a special blend of cat food and other nutrients. They couldn't be tested for nasty stuff yet (to young) the tests wouldn't be valid, so they are still in quarantine from the rest of the crew.

I just went upstairs to check on them (Mike is up there on the computer) he had put his hand out on the armchair to rest it, and they all piled on top of his hand and fell asleep! Instead of paying bills right now, he is playing Spider Solitaire with one hand so not to disturb them! LOL

Yep two cat suckers live right here! hee hee
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awwwwwwww they are so adorable!! crazy little kitties!!
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What beautiful kittens. Hissy the three even looked as if they enjoyed maybe even showing off abit for you to take the pictures. It looks like your heart is already been claimed by them. lol
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Those kitties are adorable!! They look just like some one of my cats had! Im glad u took them that day when u saw them. I would've too and I'm sure many people would.
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Oh my, it is absolutely amazing how quicly an animal can bring a smile to your face, or even pictures. Seeing these guys just puts the biggest grin on my face. They're just soooo cute!!! I want to rub those little noses.

So are they hissing and running less now? I guess they've taken a liking to Mike? Woo hooo kitty cuddles and rowdy wrestling. They're captivating.
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What a sad story..It is a good thing we have people out there like you MA..YOu saved those precious kittens!!! Kudos to you!!!!
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