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Queens & Heat

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Peaches has definitely come into her kitten heat. I've noticed a few small spots of blood here & there around the house and I'm not overly amused at the prospect of having to seek out and clean them all up :S. With Kayla (our dog) when she goes into heat we get diapers, is there anything I can get for Peaches? Obviously it would be a little harder to remove a diaper every time she went "out" (in the litter box) then it is the dog. Suggestions? I don't want to keep her confined in her room because I think the little time she gets away from her kittens is really good for her brain; after all she's just a kitten herself!
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Cats are not bleeders when they are in heat. You may want to call your vet, she could still be bleeding from having the kittens.
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Uh oh :x.

I'd better have a look at her then!!! Thanks, I'm really glad I asked.

I am talking about tiny spots, btw, but if it is coming from her (there are allot of animals running around here right now, someone could have pricked themselves, I just assumed it was Peaches) she'd better go see a vet it's been 5 days since the kittens were born .
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The cat I have right now had some bleeding at about 3 days after giving birth, she was okay but it is scary! Good luck!
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I grabbed Peaches & had a good look Thankfully she's fully in heat so was very co-operative. I don't see ANYTHING so I'll keep a good eye out but now I'm not sure it was her. Knowing my house, it could also be jam or something .

Yeah I don't want to get into how I was feeling after my first kid, so I was expecting a little bleeding post-pardum .
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Oops wasn't Peaches at all!

Found some blood in the litter then caught Tasha in the act, it's probably either worms or she's eaten something she shouldn't have. I'm going to watch her carefully and give her a dose of de-wormer. If it doesn't resolve itself she's headed to the vet but the blood is bright red & not mixed into the stool so I'm thinking it's a minor problem.
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