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George the Teacher

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When Ellie was adopted, I don't think she knew how to be a cat! She didn't know how to do any of the usual cat bathing that is done. Slowly, she's picked up the cleaning routine. I didn't realize how far she's come until today. Right after George and Ellie finished dinner, they both walked into the living room and, in unison, started licking their left paw, moved it around their ear and down their face. That went on for a few times and on to the right paw....over the ear, on to face. It was sooo cute and funny. My 2 yr old baby has finally become a cat!!!
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Years ago Mom and I hand reared two kittens who lost their mother when they were 4 days old. One day Mom was bemoaning the fact that one day she'd hear a deep meow and it would be a cat asking for its bath.

We also had an adult male at the time. Sis named him Butterscotch (he was that color) and when he bathed he did it as though he tasted of butterscotch. Very slow and elegant. One day the male kitten was intently watching Scotchie doing his bath. He's look at Scotchie then look at his own leg. Look back up then back to his paw. Finally he ran his little tongue down his arm and the look on his face had us all . He spit and sputtered and Mom said now she was sure she'd be bathing adult cats.

Luckily, the nasty tasting memory was short-lived and the kitten, and his sister, soon started washing themselves.

And Mom breathed a sigh of relief.
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My youngest 5 were all bottled fed etc. But when they started being independent my RB male Wawa took over in teaching them the cat's ways- hunting, climbing, and bathing. I was surprised because I have 3 adult females and I expected them to be the teachers.
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At bed time I realized Ellie has a long way to go - at least in the bathing area! There's George, in his many "yoga" positions, rolling around on the bed making sure he's able to clean every inch of his fuzzy body! And then he fell asleep. I'm sure Ellie will get there eventually...she spent way too much time at the shelter and on her own...
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That is so sweet that George is helping Ellie become a cat.
My dear Fred was my first cat, and he raised every kitten that came to my house. All I would have to do is leave a kitten where Fred could find it, and he would adopt it. He taught them to use the litterbox, play, hunt, and if they did not behave, he would bop them on the head or scruff them. He even babysat neighborhood kittens. It was not at all unusual to see him coming on to the porch with a kitten in his mouth, and momcat would come and collect it later.
There is just something so endearing about seeing a male cat teaching a kitten.
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That is one of my favorite things about having multiples. I love watching them learn from each other.

Fiona has learned how to become more affectionate after watching how Rocko snuggles up to me.

Rocko learned how to use the scratching posts from Fiona.

ReeRee learned everything he knows from Fiona, including bathing also!
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Ellie taught George how to use the scratching post - he never had one (he's front declawed). I bought one for her so she'd stop scratching at the furniture. Only he seems to use it when he's frustrated with her - so he gets it all out on the poor post!
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