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Accidents Outside the Litter Box

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Every few months or so, Tofu has an "accident" outside of his litter box. The first time it was about a meter or two away from his litter box (could have been my fault as I changed litter boxes on him), last time it was in the bathtub, and today is on the carpet in the middle of the living room, nowhere near his litter box whereas the past times have been within a meter or so.

This isn't constant; he does this like maybe once every 5-6 months. Three times so far. He has an accident and then not again for months. I just scooped his litter box before I found today's accident and there was a fresh clump (still moist) of urine, so I really don't believe he's blocked or has a UTI.

Is this a somewhat normal cat behavior? Do your kitties ever have accidents outside the box without a medical cause?
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Are we talking a pee accident or poo accident or both?

The only cat I've had an issue with is Pepper our 20 week old kitten, who seems to need to potty immediately after eating and we separate her from the older cats to eat and found out the hard way that separating her into a room without a litter box wasn't a good idea.

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oops, forgot to indicate -- pee accident.
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If you can rule out health issues completely, than it would be behavioral. I would like to say most people don't have cats that do this, but plenty do - so maybe it's somewhere in the middle.

I have four inside. Three have been fine, no issues, and will share boxes fine. I have a female who hates sharing her litter box, hates cats (or people) near her while she's trying to use her box (she'll stop and run off, or growl at the other cats), and got really annoyed when I switched her litter and moved her box by 5 feet. The result was that she found some laundry on the floor and peed on it and peed on a rug. She didn't have an UTI so it's just an issue of territory and disliking me changing things.

Can you link those times to anything stressful in the home or changes to the environment in any way? Maybe add another box or two - it's easier to scoop an extra box than it is to scrub floors.
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my nine month old female cat urinates once in awhile on a pile of clothes. If the kids leave something on the floor there is a possiblity she may pee on it. If they have a UTI I would think they would inappropriately urinate much more often?? Not sure. Took her to the vet a few months ago and she felt it was behavioral. Not sure what to do.
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