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Cats Ridiculous!

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The kittens are still downstairs because of their bath this morning (mom goes wherever the box does & she's so laid back she couldn't care less that they are on the dining room table ). So I've been cuddling with Mango (not that I picked a favourite already...).

I realized our great and mighty huntress hadn't yet been properly introduced to the kittens. Miss Kitty is quite motherly but didn't take to Peaches right away (I think she has a colour bias), initially we were actually a little worried if Peaches wasn't a great mother that M.K. might steal the kittens. Well our fears were unfounded.

I confronted her on the living room floor with a tiny bundle of cuteness.

She snared and ran away .

Mango is about the size of the shrews she routinely brings in, she has NO excuse for being SCARED OF THE KITTENS!!!

You are ridiculous cat!! But I still love you anyway M.K.
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Aww, she just was not expecting it.
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She probably was like what the heck is this mom!!! LOL..I know thats how fat man was when I brought GiGi in and now they can eat treats together on the counter like brother and sister! It just takes some time
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