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2AM Fire Alarm!

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Yes, at 2:15 AM, this morning, the fire alarm went off in our building, an 18 story highrise. Loud loud loud bells, scary, clocks were blinking so we figured the alarm got set off by a power cut or something. Still, we better get outside just in case. Genever was obviously scared, she was just under the bed at the edge so I could grab her. I totally expected to get the back claws in my chest as she'd climb out of my arms and hide again, but she just held on, no claws out at all. I held her close on the bed til BF got out the carrier (i was not going to leave her in there. you never know!), and I thought she'd fight to get in that, but no, she went right in it. I just can't get over how good she was! It's like she knew what had to be done, like she was a pro. Or maybe she was too scared to fight us, I don't know. She's the best though, so cool.

Anyway, we went down 10 flights of stairs outside, and finally like 15 minutes after the alarm went off, *a* fire truck came. So I guess the signal they got must've been that it wasn't a real alarm, or they'd have been there much quicker and there'd be more trucks. Actually I think in Long Beach, a highrise alarm gets 10 trucks.

So back up the 10 flights we went, and then Genever stayed on the bed with us for a while before jumping down to do her own thing. I was awake most of the rest of the night due to a weird chirping car alarm that kept going off every few minutes. If i hear it tonight I'm calling the cops with a noise complaint. but anyway...

Good job G-cat!! She did so well amid the NOISE and half-panic!
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That's a very good girl!
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Good girl, Genever! She deserves some serious extra treats for all that.
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yeeeah good job! I had to evacuate with cello and kismet once. But since there were two of them I took them down 14 flights in a very heavy carrier
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What a great cat! We were in Eldora, Iowa a few weeks ago at my son's house when they had a hail storm, baseball-sized hail, which pretty much desolated the town. I had Heidi, my German shepherd, with me, who is the pet I would least like to have with me in a storm because she freaks out. I couldn't believe how good she was; she didn't panic near as much as we did! Seems like they know they have to keep their wits about them in emergencies. My son's four cats all took cover in the best possible places, one we found in the washing machine on lower level! Clever kitty!
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