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My Flat, just need to rant sorry long post

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Basically we are having a load of problems with it and have emailed them the problems again and again and again to no avail this is what we are having to live with

It is difficult to answer the phone at workso would appreciate it if somebody could email me about this concern

Basically the faults are as follows:

The Passageway is getting very damp - If post is left until we come in on anight time its damp to the touch, you can also smell damp in there.

The front bedroom has got a fault on the double glazed unit which is causing condensation on the inside

The main bedroom has got a fault on the double glazed units also, aswell as this there is damp coming onto the bedroom wall as well.

The living room ceiling is leaking - I spoke to Brian last week who assured me that this would be done.

The kitchen light is off for the 4th time - you have replaced the starter unit on this once and i have replaced it twice. The new starte only lasts approx two weeks. This is highly dangerous when trying to cook food.

All the bulbs in the property are blowing faster than what they should. I am replacing one bulb on average every week. These are all energy saving bulbs which should last considerably longer than one week. I believe that this could be something to do with the amount of water that has entered into the property due to two seperate roof leaks.

And lastly i bring your attention to the bathroom.

First of all the Bathroom door is rotten to the point that the door handle will not stay on. We have been locked in the bathroom twice now becuase of this.

There is also the fact that the pipework for the toilet is still leaking. i spoke to yourselves what must have been nearly a year ago regrading this. You sent a plumber out who said that all the pipework had to be replaced and the floor would have to come up also. I was told that you would get back to me regarding this. I rang in several weeks ago now to ask what was happening with this and i got told it had been forgotten about. I have to keep refitting the pipe onto the back of the toilet. During this whole period the boxing and tiling around the pipework has been removed which makes the bathroom look like an eyesore.

And now we have a new problem in the bathroom in that the shower is leaking. Our downstairs neighbours have spoken to a chartered surveyor regarding the damage done to downstairs after the shower has been leaking through. I spoke to Brian last week who told me he would get the Plumber to ring me on Saturday. The plumber never rang me. After ringing yourselves several times on saturday all i got was an attitude off the person on the other end of the phone. She said that the plumber is not happy becuase he has had to cancel three times. We have cancelled once. All other times we have simply had a note pushed through the door. No knocks on the door or anything,

When my partner has rang in this morning she has been informed that it was because the plumber rang her mobile on saturday morning at 8am. There was no voicemail message left to explain who it was. The reason i asked them to ring me is becuase my partner works late on a night time and therefore was asleep when you rang.

So basically i have had a part functioning bathroom for most of the year and now we have not had the use of a shower for 4 days. This has meant i have had to rely on parents for the use of a shower, costing me money in fuel to do so.

I feel we are getting treat like scum because we are young.

The attitude if some of your staff also leaves a lot to be desired,

Your company is very quick to contact us when we fell behind on the rent due to my card being cloned, yet could not care about the state of your overall property as long as you are getting your money.

I would like a response by email regarding these matters as yet again i am going to have to take time off to try and arrange for repairs to be completed.

If i get no satisfaction i am going to speak to my solicitor and i will be looking to seek Compensation for the Distress and stress caused by these persistent problems with our property.

so theres been no reply and it was 4 hours ago it was sent, we are at our wits end now its no good for us to live in let alone the cats. so blaine has emailed back saying we need to know whats happening with the flat otherwise we will be checking into a pet friendly hotel and sending them the bill and not paying the rent

sorry for the rambling on
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Sounds to me like your place is a health hazzard and unfit for human occupation. Is there a government agency that could inspect the place and put some pressure on your landlord to get it fixed or condemn it until it is brought up to code? I think I would be moving immediately, if not sooner!
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I'm sure you're going to have to keep waiting (I know it's hard) because if they are smart at all they will be forwarding a copy of that email to their lawyer to discuss how to protect themselves from you!! . You guys have a real case!

That really sucks that you guys are having so many troubles with the water!

I don't know about laws where you are, but I'm reasonably sure here that would be due-cause for tenants with-holding rent. We also have a Tenant-Landlord something or other complaint board... they handle all these sorts of things, you must have something similar? It's an independent board that will really sock-it to landlords who do these sorts of things.

(one tip: in future, I know it's hard, try to leave out the emotional bit from the email. They probably are treating you guys like crap because you're younger but that weakens your argument).

I really hope things get sorted out
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yeah there is im ringing them tomorrow as they are shut this afternoon, i have to go through citizans advice cant go through trading standards as of yet

im now googling petfriendly hotels in my area but i doubt there will be any
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I agree, call a building inspector or similar person!! (not sure what you would call it there but Im sure you have them) Maybe have neighbours call too if they are having problems.
It sounds like you may have to end up taking them to court to get things fixed Keep all your receipts of repairs you've paid for, and time you have taken off work, and take pictures.
How horrible you are going through this! I hope you can get things fixed before it gets cold!
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I believe I would rather be living in a camping trailer than the situation you are describing. It sounds terrible.
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never thought about getting a building inspector out that might be a good idea thanks

we are just sick and tired of fighting this with them

i got a tent i might just put it up in my mams back garden haha
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My ass would be calling an inspector to get proper notation of everything that is not up to code and then I would be in court sueing the pants off of whatever company rented to me and let me live in those conditions for so long.

And then after you have a nice fat pocketful of money, I'd move out into a nicer place.
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Is this council property or a private landlord?. It sounds private, and by law he has to make sure that everything is in working order for his tenants

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Not sure what the law states where you live but here the law is simple it is up to the landlord to provide a building that is safe, clean and in good repair. If he doesn't I would be refusing to pay my rent until the repairs are made, if he says you can't do that then tell him your placing a call to the building inspector. I am sure he would rather do the repairs on his own without having to deal with them......
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well the roofer is meant to be out at 8am its now 8:41am so hes a bit late im so angry

we added another couple things to the list last night

* theres a tree growing out of our roof
* the sink is leaking causing a mouldy damp area in that cupboard, i clean it everyday to get rid of it
* the timer doesnt work on the boiler so we cant have the heating come on at a set time then go off itself

We think the light bulbs keep blowing because of the roof leaks we have had and are having im going to phone the electric company see if theres like a free they can do to check the electrics in the loft

Yeah Susan its through an estate agent so I wont mention their names (ill be good haha)

said tree/bush thingy

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I dont know about laws there but I do know that in Pa where I live if a landlord doesnt fix any issues with their rentals they are in some biggggg doo-doo. I really dont have any advice for you but I really hope it all gets fixed for you and about the hotel thing pet friendly ones are hard to find. Ive always found that most places will look the other way if you sneak said pets into your room after checking in and you dont have to go thru a lobby to do get to your room. My mom did this with a rottie and german shepard when we moved from Kansas to Pa..Ill keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that everything works out for you!
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If you are renting withhold the rent, I bet they wouldn't "forget" about you then....
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yeah thats what were going to do
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I just thought about this but do you have a magistrate or housing authority you can go to about this problem? I know around here we have places to go to about rentals and they offer legal advice and advise you on how to go about things so your within the law and if it came to any legal stuff you wouldnt get in trouble for doing things on your end but it would be your landlord who would be in trouble!?!? Just a thought but who knows what will work Id be checking every option I could.
Our house was a mess when we moved in but we came in with open eyes about it and fixed everything up but we also live here rent free cuz our landlord is a family friend and BF does work for him as rent payment.
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I dont know why you would want to keep living there at this point - I would find a new place to live ASAP. Even if they do fix all these things, you (rightfully) wont be able to trust that whatever else comes up will be taken care of in good time, or at all. Stop paying rent and move out - this is certainly justifiable reason to break whatever lease agreement you have. Find a place that isnt ghetto, that you can truly enjoy living in. Good luck
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one highly funny highlight of today was sooty, hes got this thing about being a scaredy cat but the plumber that came out went into his bathroom and he wouldnt let him out of his sight was funny watching him, he crept closer and closer to him until he left the flat

there has been emails flying backwards and forwards between said letting company and blaine not pretty hes told them we wont pay rent till everything is fixed and they said if we dont pay they will evict us because we cant be at their disposal to get anyone in to fix things
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So am i right in saying that the agents are sending people around but your not at home when they come?

When was the boiler last serviced as well, because that needs to be done once a year for carbon monoxied.
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yeah and even though we gave them Blaines conact number so they could ring on saturday morning to come round knowing i was working nights so would be in bed they still rang my phone then had the cheek to turn round and say they are sick of us!

And the nights are starting to get darker sooner so with the kitchen light being off again (its not the bulb) its an old fitting and the starters arent lasting very long, its impossible to cook a meal on a night by the time blaine gets in
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Hmmmm you see this is where you can't withhold your rent because their making an effort to send someone?.

Really what you need to do is to ask them what day someone can be there to carry out the work, and unfortunately one of you would have to take the day off work.

I must admit, theres not many contractors work on a weekend either
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thing is we have made the effort to be in theres only twice ive said no coz i had the flu and then there was a family emergancy and each other time they havent bothered knocking just pushed a not through the door i sat at the window and watched once he really didnt knock

they have turned around today and siad they will send the relevant people out and then submit the reports to the actual landlord which will take weeks to hear back from them, then once they get back to the estate agent they forget about us this has been going on since halloween last year (nearly that time of year again)
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So has your boiler had a service in the last 12 months?, because that's important that it's done.

For all these problems it sounds like it's a really old flat is it?. Not that it makes a difference, because my last house was nearly 100 years old but it was well maintained and it doesn't sound like yours has been?.
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yeah boiler has been done its coming upto a year though

yeah flat is really old na everything is half hearted in here and the actual owner doesnt seem like he cares about it to be honest
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
the actual owner doesnt seem like he cares about it to be honest
Then his agent should be telling him to care, because he's paying them money to look after the flat should anything happen. Make sure the boiler is serviced on time though because that's important along with the damp.
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Well just to update

we are still fighting to get our bathroom fixed i still have no shower (thank god for mams) the toilet is reallystarting to leak and the plumber keeps forgetting about us and offers to come later in the day which ive been doing more hours at work so im having to put off work to wait for him coming out so ive put my foot down, if work want me to work im doing so as i like my job

plumber was meant to be at 9am and now isnt coming out untill 11-12 i just want to sit and cry, because im not sleeping enough and am so run down
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Well, I'm not a landlord and heaven knows I have passed up every chance I've had to own rental property. But I have a certain amount of sympathy with the repair people in your case.

The law in most places requires that you allow "normal access" to repair people if you want anything fixed. "Normal access" does not include evenings only, weekends only, or whatever. Just like you, those repair people have normal working hours, and they need to be able to get in to do the work during those hours, unless you're willing to pay the weekend/overtime pay for them. And I suspect you're not; I sure wouldn't!

So, as has been suggested, one of you might have to take a day off from work to get the repairs done.
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we have took loads of days off and they havent shown up, i was on the sick and in everyday and they didnt show up
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Is this the estate agents that's organising them?. Just tell them if they can't stick to the time they give you your getting in touch with citizens advice
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yeah im going to susan im at the end of my tether with them now
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I really dont understand why you are still living there...time to move pronto!
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