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Daily Thread Tues Sept 8th

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Ewwwwwwwww, it's my Monday. Yesterday was a long weekend day so we had it off. Now it's work time... Well, at least its a short week.

Josh has school until 8pm tonight, so I am going to get together with a friend I think.

Work should be slammed today..the long weekend will have been full of car accidents I'm sure

Anyhoo, off to the showers soon, have a good one folks!
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Did not sleep well last night and will prolly go back to bed after the kiddies are off to school.

Hubby's away for work, at least it is only a short week since yesterday was a holiday.

Not much planned..... kids will be in school, the house will be quiet except for kitties.

I might run to the pet store, getting low on the wet food and have a coupon for a free case..... aside from that, after school will start to get busy.

Kendra starts back up in cadets tonight as well.

Fun stuff

Hope all those back-to-schoolers have a good first day. Tis a gloomy, humid day here.
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Back to work after a long weekend for me too. Blah. I had a lot to do this morning left over from Friday because I didn't want to work late haha. I got here at 6 and do not feel accomplished.

Glad its a short week!

I have classes tonight, with a test in Math and a quiz in English - not looking forward to that. English class drives me off the wall with boredom anyway. Usually I'm zoning out with my BlackBerry in the back row after the quizzes.
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Hi! Back to work also, but glad it's a short week. I had computer problems last week with my personal laptop at home, ended up buying a new one and am planning on getting my old one fixed. Also discovered that Nacho, my red tabby, has worms. Kind of grossed me out when I saw it on his butt, but my boyfriend will be picking up Advantage from his mom, as she works at a vet hospital.

Aside from the above, I think the late summer is kicking in here. Supposed to be in the high 80's this week. I hope there aren't any more fires that start up here in California.

Have a great day everyone!
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I didn't sleep very well last night either. I guess I stayed up too late and got up too late during the long weekend, so I couldn't go to sleep. I went to bed around 11 and finally dozed off sometime after 12:30. That makes 6 am come very early, but I managed to get up without too much difficulty and make it in to work at a decent hour. I have several things that I need to do today and the most important is to send an e-mail to my faculty committee members and try to schedule a defense of my dissertation proposal. I'm starting to get hints at possible job offers, but I have to make sure that I actually graduate in May so that I can take them.

It will be a short day at work because my parents are still out of town. I have to take off early so that I can collect up rents and get them deposited in the bank by 4. Everything was due on Saturday, so there should be a lot fewer today. After I finish that, I'll head home and spend the rest of the night reading. I've been reading like a fiend lately and I nearly finished an entire book yesterday. I expect I'll have a cat or two helping to keep my lap warm while I'm at it.
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Hello All!!

Its a sunny day with temps to continue in upper 70's for the next couple of days.
Got the garbage out and lots of clothes ironed. Taking in the car Thursday for new tires before my road trip later this month.

Have a few errands to do before work so I better get moving!!

The big dairy farm was cutting hay this weekend so my favorite manure tankers should be moving down the road either later today or tomorrow (YUCK-the smell)

Worked some more in a flower bed that needs serious renovation-got some done and more to go-will work on that after work today.
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Morning all!!

Cloudy and cool here this morning, looks like we are in for some rain soon.

Heading off to school in about 1/2 hour, good thing about it it only takes about 10 minutes to walk there so I don't have to leave that early.

Afterward I have to go to the post office and the bank, then it's home for a quiet evening.
I am getting all my textbooks today so I will most likely spend the evening looking through those.
My four classes for this semester are Communications, Computer Application and Theory, Basic Taxation, and Simple Accounting.

The kitties have been following me around all morning trying to convince me they need a few extra treats to get through the day without me.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning.. (hey, it's 11:55 here, so still morning. barely!)

I, too, didn't sleep much last night due to a fire alarm in our building at 2:15AM, and then a weird horrid chirping car alarm going off every few minutes all freaking night and morning...

I'm glad it's a short work week, one of the bosses is back, the other gets back tonight so it'll be back to normal here again. They were awesome and brought me back some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee!! Yum!

So yeah, after work I plan to nap probably. Fun times.

Have a good day everyone, at work, school, home, wherever.
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It is my vacation this week, my anniversary, I am broke and I am sick. Enough said.
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