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prayers please

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My sister is expecting her 2nd child in Novemeber. She had an ultra sound done, and the doctor is concerned about some of the things he "saw". He did say it was not the best quality picture, so it may be nothing. He said it appears the head is lemon shaped and that there may be some spine missing. She is going to have to go for a special test - I hope they can book her soon. Please keep her and my unborn neice or nephew in your prayers!
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Good thoughts coming to your family. I hope it was just a bad scan.
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Prayers going your way and your sisters too!! Please keep us posted on her! what a scary experience for her to through...((hugs))
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How scary for your sister. Good vibes going out!

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Hang in there with her and just let her talk to you when she needs to and hold on to her when you can.
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Good vibes from Down Under.
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Positive energy coming up from Colorado!
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more positive thoughts from the east coast. hope it was just a blip in the scan.
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Postive thoughts and prayers are on the way for your sister and her husband and the rest of the family.
OMG Ady, how scary for your sister!! Give her all the support you can, and please update us about this!
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Calming vibes from California!
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Sending you and your family love and prayers.

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Sending lots of prayers to your sis, the unborn little bundle and to you Ady!

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Prayers& hugs coming from PASTER TED & Me!!
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Sending all the positive thoughts, good vibes, and prayers I possibly can to you, your sister, and her unborn baby. So scary! (((HUGS))) to you and family.
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Sending prayers and hugs from PA! And headbumps from the kitties, too.
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Hoping that this is just a scare and everything turns out ok.
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You and your family will be in my prayers.
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I'll be keeping her in my thoughts. I hope it was just a bad scan.
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She has an appointment for June 27 to get a new ultra sound with a pediatric neurosurgean present. She went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup and they are concern that at 4 months preggers she has not gained any weight - she has lost 15 pounds.

Thank you for your well wishes - I am sure it will help.
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Oh, Adrienne... i am sending my blessings and best wishes!

:flash: Smiles and hugs!
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