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Introducing....... Johnny!

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and this one is Johnny with DH!

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OMG - cutest thing I have ever seen!
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He's adorable, and doesn't look the least bit intimidated by his new surroundings!
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I know - can you say....... trouble..........!!!!!!!!
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Mischief or Trouble might have been a better name for this little boy. It's written all over him! Such a cutie!!
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adorable Moo Kitteh
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He's a cutie!!
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what a little cutie. I agree with the word "trouble"
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So cute! Looks like he's a handful!
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Cutie-Patootie! Wow, what a leap! Trouble is right
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Oh so cute! I love love love tuxedos! He looks like trouble
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Awww, what a handsome boy!!!!!
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Johnny could not be cuter.
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Oh my goodness! He's totally cute! (And the kitty isn't bad, either. ). Seriously, that is one adorable kitty you have there!
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What a pair of cuties!
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Awwwww, he is precious Congratulations What do the other kitties think of him?
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you read my mind!-....:that´s wath I was thinking about....
Welcome to the site Johny D!.....
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He is a cutie pie
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Oh yeah, that second picture has "trouble" written all over it.
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Awww, Johnny is too cute! I love his mischievous little face! DH is cute, too.
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well currently all three of them are in the same room (we are all in the lounge room) Gatto is on his cat bed, kaylee is sitting next to me and johnny is on dh lap and we are on the same couch, they can tolerate him being in the same room now, but they still hiss at him.
apparently today johnny was chasing gatto all over the house, so i think they are slowly coming around to getting used to him, i cant wait untill they curl up and cuddle!

other than that the first day i brought him home, the two were very angry at me!!! they kept on hissing at me and wouldnt come near me
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Awww hes so precious
They will all adjust, sometimes it just takes time
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He's adorable! I just love his splotchy nose!
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he's cute and fearless!
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