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This is the kitten mom got when he was about 10 days old. He is about 6 weeks old now In these photos he's about 4 weeks old and has a URI. That's all cleared up now and he's doing well. Will get some more recent photos soon.

He is a sweet little guy - running around and getting into all kinds of trouble

(that's a cherry tomato )

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He's adorable!
I always loved black kittens!
When I was a kid,EVERY black kitten I seen was named "Panther"...
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Aw, Thor is so so so so adorable! Can't wait to see more pics of him.
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Ooooooh isn't Thor a little cutie! Tell your Mum she's done a great job with him bless her
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He's cute...more pics please
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love black kitties..... Thor is a sweetie... I hope to see more pics as he grows.
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