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new member!

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Hello all! New member here. These are my 2 little girls, Twinkie & Littles. They are by far the most 2 important beings in my life. Both were adopted from local shelters within the past year and a half. Littles (the gray and white one), was very sick when I adopted her with a URI infection. I wasn't sure if she would make it but after lots of love & medicine she pulled through. She is the playful one who follows me everywhere, sleeps with me & is very dependent on me. Twinkie , her older sister is much more independent and a bit of a couch potato! I love them both equally none the less.
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Welcome! What sweet faces they have! I know you will love it here!
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Welcome! What beautiful girls! They are just adorable!
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Welcome to the site! What pretty cats you have! I agree with Teresa, they have very sweet little faces!
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Hello! I'm Nora and I have one cat names Maximillian (Max for short) Your kitty on the right looks just like Max. Welcome to the Cat Site!
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Hi browncat, welcome to the board! Your little girls are so cute! I want to squeeeeze them. : Hope you enjoy your time here - I look forward to seeing your posts.
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Welcome! Your kitties are awful darn cute! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!

Tammie & Peaches
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Welcome aboard.....great looking cats you have there!
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What cute kitties. It's fun to have two or more cats that have different personalites. Maddie and Tybalt are two very different kitties, but they love one another and so do I. You're cat on the right looks a little like Maddie. MAddie's a bit smaller though. Welcome to the site! Hope to see ya around the posts..

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Hi there and welcome!

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