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Two cats, one piggie

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I just came home from a 3 day holiday and noticed that one of my cats, Josie, is pretty heavy. Her sister, Dory, looks to be her normal weight, if not a little thinner. I suspect that Josie, as the ultra dominant cat, hoarded the dry food. When I'm home, I feed them wet twice a day and give them dry in snack portions 2-3 times a day. I do not free feed. They finish up what I give them so they get equitable portions of food.

When I travel, the catsitter comes once daily and gives them their wet food. When she leaves, she puts down a daily portion of dry food. I strongly suspect that Dory eats sensibly but Josie probably cleans up.

And suggestions? I'm not keen on getting electronic food dispensers.
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Maybe now that you are home and their routine will be back to normal the weight will level out. Another thought might be to cut back a small bit of Josie's dry food and give a little more of the wet food.

Hopefully getting back to routine will be the best help.
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Thanks Skimble, good advice and yep, I'm gonna get Jo moving and losing some weight. My question though was geared towards more on what to do for future trips? I'm going to be out of the country in November for two weeks so this could be a major issue.
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Is there anywhere that Jose can't get to but Dory can?
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No, they pretty much have my small apartment covered. And Josie, being the dominant one, will shove Dory out of any spot she wants.
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I'm exactly in the same position as you are. My female cat Gigi eats normally, but Steve eats his food and any food she leaves behind. As you can imagine, Steve is bigger than Gigi!

We're moving them to scheduled feedings, but when we travel we'll have to do a combined cat sitter plus electronic feeder deal. Or, get the cat sitter to come in twice a day and feed them then.
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