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Chocolate point Siamese?

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Hey guys, am looking for opinions from those who know Siamese. This fellow, named Chester, was born at a feral colony to unknown parents and fed by the colony caretaker until recently. He's tame due to a lot of socialization on the part of the caretaker and recently came into the rescue I used to volunteer with due to an injury of unknown origin to his hind leg. He has been treated by the rescue's vet, and deemed healthy, but will always walk with a limp. I'm getting ready to put him on Petfinder and need to know how to list him. The coordinator of the rescue has described Chester as a chocolate point, but I want to be sure his description is accurate. Obviously, he'll be listed as a mix since we don't know his background. He does have blue eyes, which isn't obvious from my poor quality photos. Have some editting to do!

Any thoughts? Chester's a real sweetie.

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Seal Point - not Chocolate Point. Chocolate is a much paler color - more like a light milk chocolate. Seal is darker and this cat will get darker over time.
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He looks like a seal point to me.
I see alot of chocs at cat shows and they are lighter.
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Thanks, guys. I knew I could count on your expertise!
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Yup definitely a seal point.

Here's a choccie point -

An easy way to tell is chocolate points usually have a lovely pale body colour - compared to the seals which can get really dark.
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He looks like Eden. Seal Point & purr-fect!
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Yeah, definitely a seal point. Choco points are lighter and their paw pads are not dark brown, they are cinnamon pink.
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Yep, definitely seal point. He's very handsome!
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