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Oh that sounds much better now! I'm SO happy you are at MD...even if the doctor I originally suggested is no longer there. He did much work for MD, and taught many new procedures so I can say your sis is in the very best place she could be.

I hope you are feeling better very soon. Please take care of yourself.

I hope the 16th can bring some answers--it's always easier fighting an enemy that you can see and understand!!!

Stay strong!!!!!

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Your sister is truly surrounded by angels.

And yes - TCS miracles do happen!

I am SO SO HAPPY to hear there's hope!

I am keeping your sister Linda in my thoughts and keeping up the vibes for her healing!

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you have my added prayers!!!
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I'm still sending my vibes and thoughts. Please take care of yourself.
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Keeping up the and prayers for your sister, and for you
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That's great to hear about your sister. Many more hugs, , to both you and your sister.

Take care. Hope you feel better real soon.
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Just wanted to send along my best wishes and some
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Another round of

You and your family are in my prayers.
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I'm so glad to hear that there's some encouraging news about your sister! I'll keep both you & her in my prayers: I hope you both get well soon!
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I´ll Continued prayers and healing for you and your Sister.
don´t give up!...
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Any updates? Still sending for your family.
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Excellent news!!! Lots more mega healthy coming over for both of you
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