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Brain, you were taken from us too soon

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I can't believe I'm writing here in this forum so soon again.

My b/f's cat Brain was hit by a car last night.

He was only 3 years old.

He was an amazing cat, much loved by his two parents, Dan (my b/f) and Luke, Dan's brother.

Both Dan and Luke are heartbroken. I'm going to send a link on to this post to Dan, so that he can write something and hopefully post some pics.

Brain's brother GT was tragically taken from us on the same road, just a few months ago.

Brain lived with his two human parents and his cat brother, Pinky. Pinky we're all thinking of you too, as we know you will be missing your brother.

I only knew Brain for a few months, but he has left pawprints on my heart. He let me cuddle him and cry on him when I was sad about Villy. He made me laugh when I was down, he used to hop in my car and explore it while I was waiting for Dan. I know how much happiness he gave Dan and Luke.

Brain you were an amazing cat, and you shouldn't have been taken from us so soon. Play happily at the rainbow bridge with GT. We love you and miss you, and thank you for all the happy times you gave us.

I have a feeling that Brain is going to send a special furbaby into Dan and Luke's lives, not to take his place, as he is irreplaceable, but to play with Pinky, and to bring new happiness to their household.

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I'm so sorry for loss! Brain sound like he was a very special cat. He's over the rainbow bridge now with his brother. Remember all the special times you had.
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How sad The poor baby will be playing at Rainbow Bridge now though

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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Brain.
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, Brain.
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another post from you. Brain and Villy now are together forever. God Bless Brain and Villy.
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RIP Brain.
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so sorry...

RIP to brain...
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Oh, how dreadful!

Rest In Peace Brain
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Condolences to you all on losing Brain I am sure that he will send you another kitten to love. If the elders are correct, and the unborn are in Heaven with those who have passed, Dan's new kitty is getting plenty of instructions on do's and don'ts for Dan and Luke. And Villy has a Bridge brother to hang out with, along with all the rest of our TCS RB kitties
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