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Daily Thread Sept 7th Happy Labour Day.

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Morning All!!!

Another very nice day here in cottage country.

Happy Labour Day to all of you that have today off.

Labour Day sort of marks the end of the summer in my area. The next holiday being Thanksgiving when everyone usually closes up their cottages for the season.
Nothing much planned for today. Just going to finish up my laundry and tidy the house up a wee bit.
The kitties are good this morning, they were chasing each other around the house a few minutes ago and are now resting in the window.

Everyone have a great day
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Sunny and 70ish today. Having friends over for a cook out this afternoon. Then later on going to the windsor fair. Its the end of the season here also Cottages close up and most of the summer people head home..
Hope everyone has a great labor day!
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I have the day off today. I'll make some brunch her in a bit. Eggs and bacon I usually don't take the time to have anything more than a breakfast bar on weekdays. I may run to the grocery store later. I also need to write a couple of e-mails, write some checks, and take care of some other errands. Tre is sitting on my lap helping me type right now and the other kitties are lounging around throughout the apartment.
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Last day of the long weekend here, and it looks liek another nice one - sunny with a nice breeze.

We got all of the shutters and the frint trim done yesterday so today's my kick-back day of the weekend. No plans beyond a bit of laundry and a quick tidy of the living room.

I have to admit: long weekends remind me that I really need to take a vacation soon. It took me at least 2 days to unwind. A least I've got a break coming in October, so that's something to look forward to.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Afternoon everyone. Rainy and cool here but I'm not complaining! . The only thing we're doing is later we're going out for Chinese Food. Yummy!
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Had a nice long weekend. Got tons of housework done, saw a movie, went out to dinner, and went on a winery tour. Today is a lounging around day, but I'm cooking a feast later on.
Have a nice day everyone!
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I'm so glad that today is a holiday! I was on call Friday/Sunday, and worked my butt off! Today I'm going to rest and recuperate for the short week ahead. I've put off doing the laundry, so now I've got four batches to do. When will I learn? At least the girls let me sleep in this morning...they even slept with me.
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Morning, Happy Labor Day!

We went to San Diego on the train on Saturday for a friend's party, then yesterday walked 5 miles to one of our favorite beer spots- walking instead of taking the bus really earns you that first beer! Then came home, ordered pizza and watched a movie called Primer. BF fell asleep during it with a bad stomach thing going on, and I didn't quite get the movie so we have to watch it again. One of those where all you get out of it is time machines, as they tend to be in movies, end up going wrong and screwing things up. But I missed something in between..

Not sure what today will bring, besides sleeping in til about 10:30. I just love that feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing I can stay snuggled in bed for a while longer. Anyway we are up and about now and I hope we do something fun today... even if just going for a walk downtown and buying a snocone.

Enjoy your day!!
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