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Nurse kitty's

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I have an injured toe, too swollen for a shoe, and of course keep bumping it into furniture. This morning I hit it so hard that it hurt clear to my knee and I had to yelp and moan as I collapsed on to the couch. Four of my girls were instantly there comforting me. One was patting me, one rubbing my face, and two went right to the sore toe to sniff it. Now how did they know that is why I hollered and where it hurt?
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Aww thats so sweet...If I stub a toe they are all laughing at me..BF included.
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My Kasey is a nurse cat who will sit with you if you are not well.

This behaviour is one reason why she is here at home, with us, today.

Her story is in "My Cats" at the top of the page.

The short story;

I suffer from migranes.

We had an emergency situation at our company facility, where she lived, some time ago.

I had one of my headaches and nausea bad enough, my boss told me to go into the storage area to "crash" and sleep it off, which I did.

I woke up later with a purring tortie near my head, it was a touch of home and I was surprised this "industrial raised" cat would do this.

When things got worse for her there, I was able to return the favor and bring her home; I only regret it took me a while to do that.

She is a constant companion and is both a nurse and guard cat

Guard Cat;
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Topaz refused to have anything to do with me (I was just a can opener as far as she was concerned) until I came home after a hospital stay in 2006. Then she started sleeping my my head and letting me pet her.
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Wait a minute.....for a second I thought I started this thread without knowing it...... LOL.

Only because I have an injured toe too, Bookworm! It's broken actually, I broke it when tripping over a rug Saturday night. Went to urgent care yesterday (Sunday), I know there's not anything that can be done really, but was in so much pain and swelling....they put a bit of tape on it, and gave me some serious pain meds.

So then I had to call my sister and tell her I couldn't come to the family barbecue because I took these pain pills. When she answered the phone I said "I can't come because I broke my toe", and then proceeded to laugh like a lunatic for ten minutes.

Tolly is my Nurse. He did some hovering and deep sniffing over the taped toe. Some cats (and dogs too) are just made that way..nurturing.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Mineactually feels a lot better today thank goodness since I have to work, so can't be taking any pills.
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They know what hurts for the most part by the elevated temp in the offending limb caused by injury.
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This thread got me thinking about my Bibbs (rb 3/05). She wasn't Nursey, like Tolly is, but she understood when someone was hurting.

She loved to jump from the back of the couch to my stomach, THUD! After I had some abdominal surgery I was very worried about that habit of hers but she never did it, even once, until I was fully healed. She would get on me so careful and gentle.

And again, she was always bullying Ootay (rb 5/09) but when Ootay had a cancer removed and was very sick for a while, Bibbs left her alone completely. In fact I guess I could tell when Ootay was better simply because Bibbs started stalking her again!
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Originally Posted by otto View Post

Hope you are feeling better soon. Mineactually feels a lot better today thank goodness since I have to work, so can't be taking any pills.
So not only do great minds think alike, great bodys malfunction alike? Mine isn't broken (this time), I absent mindedly pulled a hangnail instead of clipping it and started an infection that won't go away. I bandage it with neosporine at night and the swelling and redness go down, but I haven't had a day off work in 5 weeks now, and having to cram it into black socks (mandatory part of the uniform) and shoes that don't fit well and stay on my feet for hours gets it all inflamed again.
Of course the bigger dog can't come near me without stepping on it, I think I'm going to have to get some antibiotics if it spreads much further.
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