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Exciting news!!

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Well.... i am gonna be a............................

Proud meowmy tomorrow!

After much consideration, i was very hesitant because Kaylee and Gatto are my proud and joy but hubby has been pushing to add another to the family and today we had a look and saw this beautiful six week old baby black and white it's a boy!
We have put him on old because they don't want to give him to us yet as he hasn't been to the vet and he will be getting everything done tomorrow except for his neuter (he has to be a little older)

He is actually my birthday present but we are getting him on Gattos (teufel) birthday which is tomorrow!

we have chosen two names but haven't decided on it yet
John Vito

now, the next baby will be human!

just had to share my excitement with you now!!
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Congratulations, and Happy Birthday!
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Congratulations! Such wonderful news!
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Congrats and Happy Birthday! How exciting..This must be the weekend/week of great things!!!!
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aaaaaaawwwwwwwww.. that´s is a Puuuuurrrfect gift of birthday!

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Good luck witht he new arrival. I am sure he will fit in perfectly.
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congrats! & happy birthday!!!
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What fun!! Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

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