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Dirty Laundry and Cats

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Sounds weird but I read in some cat book (published in the UK) that cats seem to have a penchant for our dirty laundry;often sleeping in the hamper.
Of course I rolled my eyes at this one. But guess who`s been sleeping in the dirty clothes basket in my house? Maybe it is true then? Is it that our smell is really concentrated in a basket full of dirty clothes?Alley does not sleep or lay in the clean clothes baskets-only the "to be washed" one.

Who else has noticed this?
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Mine can't get into the hamper, but love to lay on the clean clothes when I leave them on the bed for folding and come back later they are all messed up and someones always asleep.
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Ku Ku doesn't literally go for laundry basket but I've seen her sitting(& purring...) on my clothes that I was gonna toss for laundry...
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I always have someone on the bed when its time to fold clothes but to lay on them no way. Now when BF leaves his work clothes on the floor of the bathroom that a different story Fatman is notorious for rolling around in boxers work pants and even *GASP* skeezy stinky socks. He loves them. GiGi has taken to this habit too Ive found her inside Bfs boxers sleeping as snug as a bug in a rug!
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It makes sense. Your scent is on your clothes before you wash them, and that gives them a sense of security and comfort. I've used old dirty shirts as bedding for barn cats that like me when I'm trying to get them in someplace safe (before snowstorms, etc). I would rather have my cats curl up in my dirty clothes than my clean clothes. One of my kitten's favorite toys is a pair of dirty socks that they confiscated. Don't ask me why! At least they are MY dirty socks and not DH's because his would probably kill them!
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My boys love to lie in the clothes hamper, but usually when it's empty or has freshly washed clothes in it. Pushy loves to lie on DH's dirty work clothes which he is in the habit of leaving all over the floors.
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My cats always do that... actually, then don't discriminate. Dirty or clean, if they can sleep on my clothes they do! lol
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My domestic cats don't really seem to do anything with the dirty laundry. But, our bobcats go crazy for it, especially the underwear and dirty socks.
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All my boys like laundry baskets in general. Doesn't matter if it's dirty laundry, clean laundry, or empty!
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Mine are all about the clean laundry! Especially when it comes inside from out on the line .
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Mine like clean or dirty. I have to check the dryer because sometimes they won't wait for the clothes to get into a basket.
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Sneaky Pie can't get into either of the dirty laundry baskets

Though when we came back from camping over the weekend, all of the dirty clothes wound up in the living room. It was just easier to deal with them there. Sneaky found a blanket and happiliy napped on it a couple of nights ago

Of course- it could be the whole "if it's on the floor than I can sit on it" thing. Because if there's anything on the floor- she will sit on it. Lately she's taken to sitting on my 1500 page Fundamentals of Nursing book

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I have one in particular that has a thing for the laundry basket.Whenever we want to know where Smurfette is,that's where she'll be...and she doesn't want to share!Doesn't matter to her if it's dirty clothes,bedsheets....she doesn't discriminate.That's her cozy place!
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