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This started out as a little side thing she would do but it has now become a full-on morning routine for her.I have to turn on the bathtub faucet for Alley until a thin,steady stream of water is running down into the tub`s drain.Originally I think she liked the noises it made.Now she sticks her face in the opening (knowing water is coming)and gets her nose wet.She then shakes her head and snorts and kind of slaps at the trickling water.Cutest thing I`ve seen! Every morning I follow her into the tub while she coos and chirps at me;standing up to reach her face into the faucet opening.She plays at that for a bit then sits on the edge of the tub(between the shower curtains)while I`m taking my shower.Sometimes I see a little head pop around the curtain then disapper!

Alley would play in the toilet if I left the lid up!

Anybody else have a cat who is semi-likes water?