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I guess she told you!

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So, my kitty Holland is afraid of people. She doesn't tolerate anyone except for me. The one person who has spent the most time around her (besides me) is my little sister. Usually when my sis comes to visit, Holland will let my sister hold her and pet her for about a minute before she freaks out, scratches my sister and runs under the bed.

Well, my sister was over last week and to head Holland off at the pass I shut my bedroom door. My sis came in and Holland took one look at her and turned to dart into the bedroom. Once she realized the door was closed she promptly turned around, looked at my sister, and launched into a tirade of angry yelling that I had NEVER heard out of her before. She was seriously telling my sister off!! And this from a cat who meows about once in a blue moon, she is the quietest kitty I have ever seen in my life.

Even my sister had to admit that it was hilarious... She tries to be a good aunt... I just can't convince Holland of that.
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That is too funny! It is always surprising when the cat does something new or out of character,is`nt it? Holland.That`s a neat name.
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Kitty cussing can be a shock. We had a female tell off her mate after he spent the night outdoors. She met him at the door and let him have it!
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LOL...I get told off atleast nightly by Fatman because I move too much for him and he is NOT afraid to let me have it! But heaven forbid he yell at daddy...LOL...GiGi has taken to making this warbling growly sound when she has something to say but half the time we just end up laughing at her because she sounds so...goofy...lol..
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