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Are these kittens OK? Mom moving kits

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I am fostering 3 week old (I think) kittens, 5 of them. And the Mom, who appears young. She is doing a very good job with them EXCEPT I will check on her every three hours or so and she will have taken 1 kit out of box and moved that one only somewhere else in the bedroom - so the kit is in the corner alone. This has happened 6 times in 3 days - and never the same kit (so it isn't abandonment). I am worried that the kit that is out by itself will be cold (keeping apartment as warm as I can stand it). I close the door so at least the kit is in the same room with Mom.

I am getting up with alarm in middle of night to "count babies" in the box to see if one is missing. Wonder why she does this? She was abandoned on the side of the road in a carrier with these kits a week ago. Is she still nervous?

Will 3 week old kits be OK without littermates warmth for 8 hrs (when I have to go back to work)? I say the kits are probably 3 weeks because their eyes are open, they hear me, and there ears are still down. They only wobble-walk, and do not eliminate by themselves yet.

Any advice is appreciated!
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I´m rather sure a kitten will survive 8 hours, as the room is warm. Although I wouldnt try if not in dire necessity... Like you are...

Does she lay them on the floor, or does she lay them on somthing more comfortable?? Ie, if you prepared an extra little nest, perhaps she will leave her kitten in there, not on the floor?

Another proposal if you have them perhaps in a dog cage....

They are different every time, so it is not abandoning of a sick kitten, as happens sometimes... Like you say.
Perhaps she feel 5 are too many, and tries to have only 4 left??? Dunno.

I hope other will come with more answers.

Tx for helping these in need, and

Good luck!
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Mama cats, especially if they were outdoors, will move their kittens quite a lot. If it's not the same cat that's moved everytime then it doesn't sound like she's trying to get rid of a "sick one" (they do that too...they know when one isn't as healthy and will try to get that one away from the rest). It sounds like you caught her in the middle of moving the entire litter.

It seems like around 3 weeks is when they start moving them, and it's more of a way to protect the kittens...it's instinct. A kitten can be by itself for a while without being in danger. She may know that she is in a safe place, but instinct just takes over but she's taking her own sweet time about it. Since you have them confinded in one room (GOOD idea), just wait until she gets everyone where she wants them. Don't try to move them back because that will only stress her out worse and she'll move them again. Find out where she puts them, and put a towel or blanket down so they have something to snuggle up in.

Honestly, I've seen barn cats have kittens in November, outside, and they survive in cold temps, so kittens aren't as fragile as you think as long as they are healthy. And it sounds like yours are.

Just make sure you know where they are and this is the time to start picking them up while mama is there to get them used to humans. May be hard if she puts them under the bed or someplace weird like that, but handling each of them a few times a day with mama watching (intently, I'm sure) is the best way to get them socialized.

Good luck!
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